/// How Does Our Blogger Outreach Software Work?

When you register and start using our guest blogging software you can easily submit to and keep track of all your guest post submissions. Our tool allows you to track which blog you submitted to, the date you submitted and the anchor text you used for the submission. We even allow you to track guest post submissions for multiple sites.

We rank all of the blogs in our list by Domain Authority and social signals to ensure that any guest post you submit will help build your web presence and link popularity and have no negative affect on your search engine rankings. You'll know you can trust the blogs on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Software Automatically Submit My Guest Post To Blogs?

No. Guest posting is a strategy that is all about building relationships. If we spammed all of the blog owners all the time they wouldn't be very happy. Our software allows you to track and manage all of your guest posts in one place.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is simply another way of saying "guest posting". In other words its reaching out to bloggers to see if they will accept guest post submissions. When you submit a guest post most of the time a blog owner will include a link back to your site in the author bio or they will even allow you to include links in the body of the guest post. The terms "guest posting" or "blogger outreach" are used interchangeably.

How Does Submitting Guest Posts Help My Website?

With the current state of SEO, the most powerful and effective type of link building is editorial links or in other words links inside of guest posts. The problem is finding blogs that are related to the niche of your website that will accept guest posts. So we created this huge list and sorted it by category so you can easily find and post to these blogs.

Who Owns The Blogs?

The blogs are owned by different webmasters throughout the world. 90% of the blogs are hosted on unique IP addresses. If you have a blog you would like added to the list, send it to us here.

Why Do I Have To Register To See The List?

We have spent a ton of time and effort putting together and maintaining this list of blogs that are guaranteed to accept guest posts. The list is awesome and worth every penny. We also want to protect the blog owners from getting inundated with guest post requests so this is the arrangement we have made.

Why Do Some Of The Blogs Charge For A Guest Post?

Now that blogger outreach is such an important part of the website promotion process, the amount of requests that bloggers get for guest posts is astronomical. In fact many blogs that used to accept guest posts had to put up a message on their contact page specifically stating that they no longer accept guest post submissions. This is because they have been inundated with requests.

As with anything, the number of requests is going to decrease significantly when you go from FREE to charging even a small amount of money for a service. So in order to bring demand to a more manageable level the blog owners charge a small fee.

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