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We offer a unique program where we pay bloggers to blog on their own site.   It’s a great way to make EASY monthly residual income for little to no work.  Not only do you get money, but in some cases we will even write the content for you.  How great is that? Getting paid to blog and getting free targeted content on your blog?  Fill out this form to apply.  If your blog qualifies, we’ll be in touch to go over more details of the partnership.

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Guest blogging is when one person or company reaches out to a blog in order to provide a guest post on the blog they have reached out to. Many people also refer to this as guest posting and blogger outreach. It is a commonly used method in SEO and internet marketing to use a guest post to drive traffic from another blog’s audience to your site through embedded links in the content of the article and through author bio links. Often times you can even get paid to blog this way.

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