Frequently Asked Questions

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Guest Post Tracker is blogger outreach software built to help you manage your guest post submissions as you do your SEO. The software was created to work with link maps, a new link building strategy that focuses on building the power of one link to make it pass more SEO value.

No. This is NOT automatic guest post submission software. Our tool gives you access to a huge curated list of blogs that want guest posts. It is up to you to reach out to them and build a relationship. Our tool does help you keep track of all of your submissions.

We do offer a guest posting service at our sister site SEOJet. Here at Guest Post Tracker we simply maintain a curated list of blogs that do want guest posts. Sign up and start submitting guest posts today.

Guest blogging is when one person or company reaches out to a blog in order to provide a guest post on the blog they have reached out to. Many people also refer to this as guest posting and blogger outreach. It is a commonly used method in SEO and internet marketing to use a guest post to drive traffic from another blog’s audience to your site through embedded links in the content of the article and through author bio links. Often times you can even get paid to blog this way.

Submitting a guest post can benefit your website in two ways. First, if you choose the right blog to guest post on, and the content you provide is valuable, then the guest post will drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Secondly, links inside of guest posts have been shown to have a positive effect on search engine rankings.

We have spent hundreds of hours building out this list of blogs, which come from website owners across the globe. The majority of the blogs are hosted on unique IP addresses. We at Guest Post Tracker do not own any of the blogs on the list. If you want to add a blog to our list, send it to us here.

We have spent hours upon hours creating and maintaining the most up to date list of blogs that accept guest posting on the internet. We do charge a very small fee to get access to the list and our awesome guest posting software. We also force you to register because we want to protect the blog owners from getting inundated with guest post requests so this is the arrangement we have made.

Although the large majority of the blogs on our list are free to submit a guest post to, some blog owners or guest posting companies do charge a fee for submission. This does filter out all of the free loaders on the internet and also helps guarantee your submission will be approved. How much they charge is totally up to them and we here at Guest Post Tracker have nothing to do with it.

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