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Why submitting guest posts will help your finance website

One of the simplest ways for a knowledgeable finance writer to improve the state of their online business has nothing to do with their own site’s content—rather, it’s writing for other businesses, organizations, and individuals that offers one of the most robust set of benefits to be found online. Guest blogging can turn an unheard-of site with weak SEO, branding, and traffic into a juggernaut.


What’s so great about guest posts?

Guest blogging offers savvy writers an immense opportunity to strengthen their presence online and advance their business in a number of ways. While it can be difficult to pin down every potential gain from writing blog posts and articles for other sites in or adjacent to your industry, these are the primary ones to consider:


Networking within your industry. Guest posting on another money blog gives you an opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with other notables in the online finance community. When you submit a guest post, you help the recipient with content, and help yourself in myriad other ways; the exact sort of reciprocal relationship every savvy businessperson should prize. Blogger outreach goes both ways, and benefits everyone involved immensely when it’s done right.


Publicity for your brand. The bigger the site you guest blog for, the more publicity you net for your brand minha resposta. Keep in mind that this sort of branding is important whether you’re marketing goods, yourself, services, etc. Make sure you stand out as something different but useful; it’s no good if your brand isn’t clearly imprinted on your post. If what you have to say blends right in with what every other post on the recipient site says, you’re not doing it right.


Direct traffic. Most blogs that accept guest posts are going to gladly give you an author bio with a link back to your site, which means people who visit that site and like your post are going to see what you have to offer. This can be of varying value, depending on the nature of the site you’re guesting on and the nature of what you have to offer, but if you leverage it properly it can be an enormous boon. And before we move off the subject of bylines, let’s talk about one of the biggest benefits of all.


Backlinks. That link back to your site, from other sites in the financial industry, does more than send you direct traffic. It gives you perfect, natural, high quality backlink ‘juice’ to appeal to all the search engines. There’s simply no better way to handle the backlink part of your SEO strategy; all the cheap, sleazy, questionable, easy routes to backlink success have been carefully and thoroughly eliminated by the major search engines. Unless you want to undertake an exhaustive effort, and essentially build your own community of real websites, you need this sort of backlinking to succeed.


Final thoughts

Ultimately, if you’re willing to take the time to blog at all, you should be doing guest blog posts. Once you have a decent amount of content on your own site, the benefits of writing for others greatly outweigh the benefits of adding one more post to your own blog. So get out there, and start your blogger outreach—the dividends will be well worth your time.


Start getting more traffic and building your brand by submitting to these finance blogs that accept guest posts.