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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your News Site


Here’s something newsworthy: there are benefits to writing a guest post for your news site. Read on to learn more.


Did you know that almost half of all people read their news online?


If you run a news site, there’s plenty of potential readers out there. You just have to find them is all.


One of the best ways to get new readers is through guest blog posts. Even as a newsie, you can find a lot of benefits from publishing on other sites.


So, sit back, relax, and we’ll show you why you should get started with guest blogging today.


Guest Blogging Improves Your Credibility


Being a credible news site should be one of the top concerns for you. With so much fake and unreliable news, getting a seal of credibility can be difficult.


This is why guest blogging can be one of the most effective ways to make sure that your site gets the credit it deserves. And the more credible you are, the more likely people will trust your reporting.


The reason guest blogging improves your credibility is because it shows that another website trusts you enough to publish your work. It’s as if they put their own seal of approval on it.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should guest post on any site you can find. Make sure to vet the site to make sure it’s reliable before you decide to publish on it.


Keep in mind your guest post does not have to be on another news site. It can be on a site that talks about news themes or even discusses what reporting the news is like. Get creative when looking for sites to guest post on.


Guest Blogging Can Improve Your Brand


If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the news industry, guest posting can help you do that. Improving your brand through guest posting isn’t as hard as it might sound.


Of course, you want to be able to increase your actual readers (something we’ll discuss in the next point). But it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get every reader that reads your post on your site.


Instead, they may simply remember your face the next time they see something else that you wrote. They may even stop scrolling because they can’t remember where they know your name from.


After a couple times of seeing your name, they will remember you, and they may even become a “micro fan”, all before even visiting your site.


Guest Blogging Can Bring You Direct and Indirect Traffic


While you are able to improve your brand with guest posting, you can also increase the amount of direct traffic you have on your site. Because you usually include a link back to your site on a guest post, people will click on it if they want to see more.


And because most people won’t read an entire article unless they enjoy it, you can be sure to see a lot of new readers.


This is part of the reason you need to make sure that your guest blogs are just as good (if not better) than your regular content. People will be judging whether they want to see more of you or not.




Guest blogging will also help your SEO. Having a few backlinks to your site on other pages will increase your credibility with Google.


While having well-optimized content will increase your rankings, backlinks to your site can make all the difference. As a news site, you’ll be covering a lot of what other news sources will be covering. Having backlinks will make you stand out on Google.


Guest Blogging Can Bring You New Sources


When people have a story they want to tell, they make sure to find the best news source to do it. They often will research different places to make sure their story is told in the best way.


To get that scoop, you need to have your content out wherever you can. If someone sees an article they like that you wrote on another site, odds are they will come to you first.


People want to trust the journalist they work with. Even if you don’t have the perfect new site, they may still give you the story because they appreciate the way you tell it.


Guest Blogging Is a Great Way to Network


As a journalist, one of the most important parts of your jobs is networking. Being able to find people with information can make the difference between a good journalist and a bad one.


The more connections you have, the better. Connections in the journalism world can give you more open doors than you can imagine.


As someone who runs a news site, chances are that you enjoy freelance work and not being tied down.


But if you ever had the inclination to work with an established organization, guest blogging would give you that opportunity. You would speak with editors and other journalists while working on your story.


Guest Blogging Can Improve Your Portfolio


When you’re a journalist, education and job experience can help you land a job. But most editors and publishers care much more about what your portfolio has in it.


And if all your portfolio includes is posts from your own site, odds are that you will have difficulty landing another job if you ever want one. Diverse portfolios matter, and reporting on more than one subject can be a huge help when you’re looking for a new career step.


Does Your News Site Need Help with Guest Blogging?


There’s no doubt that guest blogging can be one of the most effective ways to grow traffic on your site. Even as a news site, it can be difficult to gain traffic no matter how fast paced the news cycle is.


Speaking of the news cycle, do you worry you don’t have time to write your guest posts? No worries. We’ve got that covered for you.


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