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10 Tail-Wagging Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Pet Site


Do you have a pet site you want to improve? If so, read on to learn the benefits of writing a guest post for your pet site.


It’s no secret we love our pets. That’s why we shell out an average of $126.19 each month on our pets.


If you run a pet site, you have the potential to make some serious money. But only if you know what you’re doing.


While many aspects of marketing are better left to the professionals such as building and designing your website, there are some things you can do yourself. If you have any talent for writing then guest blogging has many benefits.


But just in case you aren’t convinced, keep reading. We’re sharing with you 10 great benefits of writing a guest post.


1. Guest Blogging When You Have a Pet Site Gives You Great Exposure


Whether you’re starting a new pet site or you’ve had it for a while, it’s important to always be looking for your target audience. Just having a website isn’t enough.


With over 1.9 billion websites (and counting), there’s a lot of competition out there. And it’s not like no one else is writing about how much they love pets.


Guest posting helps get you more exposure than you can get on your own. It’s a way to let others know you’re out there and you can help them care for their pets better.


If you target established and trending blogs to write a guest post on, that is often visited by your existing and potential customers, it helps to persuade them to check out your website to learn more.


2. Helps You Build Credibility


If you’re just starting out with your pet site, you need to start building credibility. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean people will come.


You need to set yourself up as an authority on all things pet related. One way to quickly establish credibility is to start writing a guest blog.


If people learn about you on another site, it instantly gives you credibility because if their website thought highly enough of your content to share it with their readers, then you must have something worthy to say.


3. Gets You Quality Traffic


Your marketing goal should be to create several traffic channels to help you get relevant visitors to your site who are genuinely interested in what products and/or services you’re offering.


By writing a guest post for a popular blog in your niche, you have a built-in audience who are precisely the niche you’re looking to target. As long as you provide them with interesting and relevant information, it’s a good chance you’ll drive quality traffic directly back to your site.


4. Helps Build Your Brand


It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your website. You should be focused on building your brand.


Your brand is what sets you apart from every other pet site on the internet. As long as you provide good content with the goal of introducing your brand to new reader’s, you can begin attracting new customers who identify with the message you’re sending out.


5. It’s Great for Building Business Partners


By reaching out to different businesses and websites who are in your niche but not in direct competition with you, you’ve opened yourself up to a lot more potential business.


Look for guest post sites where the industry experts, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs can indirectly or directly help you build your business and widen your influence. If you get an influencer who is well-connected and is willing to endorse you, such as Rachael Ray, you’re in a position to create a lot of business opportunities for yourself.


6. It’s a Good Link Building Tool


If you’ve guest blogged, you know you can provide a link back to your site. And that link does more than just send you direct traffic.


Links are also vitally important for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google love quality links and will reward you for having them.


Also, link building for SEO helps you find and attract people who may not necessarily be blog readers. But they may find your website more easily because your organic links helped you rank higher in online searches.


7. Builds Trust with Your Community


It’s hard to find ways to build up trust. Reviews are great but they take time to accumulate.


Guest posting is a way to quickly build trust with your community. If a trusted site feels you have something worth saying, everyone else believes it, too.


Guest blogs also help you build trust for your website. If someone goes to a site where you’ve guest blogged and finds a link back to your site, they’ll automatically trust it more because of where they found it.


8. Search Engine Optimization


SEO is vitally important to getting traffic to your site. It’s a great way to get organic traffic so that you rank higher on search engines.


Guest posting helps you use keywords and links that will help your site get the recognition it deserves.


9. You’ll Get Good Feedback from a Different Audience


Your site already has an audience of people who adore you. But when you are writing a guest post, you’re suddenly in front of an entirely different audience.


And that audience may not think everything you have to say is so wonderful. But that’s not actually a bad thing.


Guest blogging is a way for you receive constructive feedback that you can use to improve your website and your blogs. It’s a great way to receive free, but necessary criticism.


10. Helps You Spread Your Message


There are only so many ways you can spread your message on your own. If you have a project or a sale you’re working on that has a timestamp on it, you’ll need to spread the word as soon as possible.


You can help your information and ideas go viral by guest blogging on as many blogs as you can at once. And it’s a great way to get your industry to take your ideas seriously.


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