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Say Cheese!: The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Photography Site


Could your photography site use some help? If so, read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your photography site.


If you want to improve the performance of your photography site, then consider writing a guest post. In fact, as many as 53% of marketers make blogging their number one content marketing priority- and for a good reason, it reaps results!


If that hasn’t convinced you, check out these other reasons to start guest blogging.


1. Boost Your Brand


If you want to create an online brand, then guest blogging is a great idea. This strategy allows you to reach a whole new set of potential clients.


This is essential because building a loyal following should be the long-term goal for your photography business, and by guest blogging in the right place, you’ll reach readers who are naturally interested in what you have to say.


It goes without saying, the more popular the site is your guest blogging on, the more publicity you’ll receive.


You want your photography business to stand out via your written content. This means striking a balance between providing a useful resource for readers and being beneficial for your business. So be sure to weigh this up as you choose who to send your pitches to.


Put simply, the more you expose your brand on the internet, the more people will start to recognize and remember who you are and what you do.


Full Disclosure: Publishing guest posts takes a ton of time and effort on your behalf, however, as time goes on, you’ll start to see fruitful results.


2. Find a New Business Partner


Guest blogging isn’t just fantastic for boosting your online presence, but it’s also a great networking method. As you start to connect with other bloggers in your industry, you’re opening yourself up to building a relationship with them.


Who knows, perhaps they’ll eventually become a future business partner of yours? Or maybe they’ll send referrals your way? Perhaps you’ll start a mastermind group together?- The possibilities here are endless!


3. Build Trust with Prospects


It’s imperative all small business owners build trust with their target market, so it’s not surprising the photography industry isn’t an exception to this rule.


If potential customers don’t trust you or your brand, people won’t want to hire your photography services- no matter how talented you are.


As soon as you show people you’re reliable and trustworthy, people will start paying attention to the products and services you’re offering.


This is where guest blogging comes into its own. You can generate trust in numerous ways.


Primarily, you earn the trust from the readers following the blog you’re posting on. These people enjoy reading this specific content because they already trust and respect the owner of the blog owner. As such, via their endorsement, that trust is passed onto you.


Secondly, the more you’re published (on credible sites), the more of an authority you appear to potential clients. When you show that others want to post your content, you don’t seem as much of a risk to people actively looking for photography services.


4. Link Building


Guest posting is a legitimate way of building links back to your site. As your guest posts start to get published, be sure to include a clickable link in your author bio.


Building reputable backlinks is an excellent way of promoting SEO. This is why brands who prioritize guest blogging move up the search engine results pages.


For new websites especially, search engine optimization requires more than just keyword research. In addition to this, you need to establish an authoritative domain to get your site to rank. This is why new websites often find it hard to appear on search engines.


Guest posting is one of the most straightforward solutions to this issue. Like we’ve said, your photography site is more likely to rank higher on places like Google if you post on blogs that already boast an authoritative domain.


This is because some of their domain authority is passed onto you when you place a backlink in your guest post- how awesome is that?


It goes without saying, the better your SEO, the more traffic you’ll get to your site, which provides you with opportunities to convert people into loyal customers.


5. Get Invited to Events


This point sort of relates back to networking. If you’re a person who enjoys sharing and providing value on other blogs, you’ll attract the attention of others in your industry.


Some of these might even be authorities in the photography sphere. You never know, you might end up getting invited to attend or even to speak at high profile industry events.


These are often fabulous opportunities to establish yourself as an expert within the photography community.


How Do I Find a Guest Blogging Opportunity?


When looking for guest blogging opportunities, you’ll want to find sites relevant to the photography industry, and ones that already have a loyal following of readers.


Once you have a list of these sites drawn up, start reaching out to the owner and pitch them your idea.


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