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10 Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Political Site


The votes are in! There are many benefits to writing a guest post for your political site. Read on to learn more.


By 2020, there will be over 30 million active bloggers. Companies know the value of good content marketing.


But how do you make your blog and your company stand out?


A well-written blog updated on a regular basis differentiates you from the pack.


Guest posts are another great way of attracting readers and potential customers to your website. Do you have a political site? Cater to your niche and don’t overlook the value of guest posts!


And don’t miss the opportunity of guest posting on other blogs yourself.


Read on for the 10 benefits of guest posts for your political site.


What’s a Guest Post?


Guest posting is simple. It’s when you write a post for another website. Or when someone who’s an authority writes a post for your website.


Guest posting is great for political websites. There are so many political issues. It’s not possible to be an authority on all the issues. When you invite guest posters who understand an issue that you don’t, it strengthens your credibility.


There are other reasons for guest posting as well.


1. Establishing Authority


Search engines crawl the web looking for leaders in their field. Establishing your authority in the political arena puts your website in front of a larger audience. Write with authority on the things you understand.


What issues are you weak on?


Make a list of these issues and then search for political bloggers who understand them. Once you have a list, email them and ask them if they’d write a guest post on a specific topic.


Most bloggers are happy to post on other blogs. It helps establish their authority as well.


Another way to find guest bloggers is through your social media. Ask for guest submissions from your Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram pages. You’ll get more than enough applicants!


Part of establishing authority is becoming a better writer. As you write content for your site and others’ sites, your writing will improve.


2. Taking a Break


Writing a blog post once a day, week, or even month is tiring. There are always plenty of topics when it comes to political blogs and websites. But writing original content on a consistent basis is hard for anyone.


Make a list of potential guest bloggers. Invite a few of them to write a guest post for your site. It gives them somewhere else to post, and it gives you a small break.


3. Building Relationships


You’ll build relationships when dealing with guest bloggers. It’s great networking. Oftentimes a guest blogger will ask you for a guest post for their political blog as well.


When you write about issues you understand for another blog, it drives traffic to your blog.


Relationship building always leads to more opportunities. So don’t only invite other bloggers, nurture ongoing relationships as well.


4. Social Networking


This is where you get lots of exposure.


Guest posters want high visibility for their posts. Once the post is live, your guest poster shares the post across his social media. This draws people to your website to read his post.


You’ll gain more readers and followers from an audience who didn’t know about your site until they read the guest post.


Look for social media influencers in the political field. Influencers have large audiences. If you get an influencer to guest post, you’ll see an uptick in site views which helps your SEO.


5. Reputation Benefits


If several authority authors post on your site, it enhances your reputation. Posting well-known bloggers on your site lends legitimacy. A guest author won’t post on your site unless she believes your site is a reputable source.


As you build a collection of guest posts from prominent authors and authorities, your reputation keeps building. As you post to other sites, that also establishes your reputation.


6. Link Building


Links to your website are valuable. Getting good links is how you monetize your site over time. Search engines look for quality links pointing to your website. When you guest post on someone else’s site, there’ll be a link back to your site.


These links pointing back to your political site also establish your authority.


When an author posts to your site, he’ll link back to his site. When someone clicks on his link back to your site, you’ve got an inbound link.


Optimal SEO has inbound and outbound links.


7. A Different Perspective


If you’ve got a political blog, look for authors with different perspectives. Look for reputable authors who don’t always agree with your views. Be willing to present those other views.


You’ll gain a much wider audience. Don’t always assume that someone who disagrees with you is wrong.


8. Personal Brand


Guest posting on other sites enhances your personal brand independent of your website. You are your brand.

You may sell your website in the future. But if you’ve built a personal brand, starting another site is easy.


9. Post Sharing


Guest posting doubles your post sharing. If you write for another site, the site owner and you both share the post on social media.


That works when a guest posts on your site as well. You share the post, and the guest poster shares it too. This leads to a wider audience for both sites.


A wider audience offers more chance that they’ll share the post too. That’s how posts go viral.


10. SEO Value


For all the above reasons, guest posting adds value to your SEO.


Search engines love outside links to your site. They also like links from your site to outside sites. The more networking your site has, the more attention you get from the search engines.


Use Guest Posts on Your Political Site


Guest posts on your political site are one of the best ways to increase your traffic. Guest posts bolster your reputation, engage a wider audience, and build relationships.


If you’re not guest posting and asking for guest posts, you’re missing a huge opportunity.


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