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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Travel Site


Guest posting can make your travel site soar. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your travel site.


Hey there, globetrotter.


You already know that writing a travel blog is a great way to earn some money through your adventures-which can be welcome when you travel too much to keep a “normal job.”


But if you aren’t writing guest posts for other sites, you can have a hard time building momentum.


You might think that writing guests could be a waste of time. After all, why should you care if you’re reaching readers on other websites? That doesn’t help your site–does it?


You might be surprised. There are a number of benefits of writing guest posts that can help your own travel site.


Want to know more? Read on!


Expand Your Reader Base


Starting a website is exciting. You choose a name, buy a domain, customize a theme, add some great photos, write a couple of posts, and then launch your site.


Then you have to actually get people there.


You share all of your posts on Facebook and Twitter. Some of your friends follow you. Your mom tells all of her coworkers.


But after months of doing this, you still have fewer than a hundred readers.


Using your own network can only get you so far.


But if you write a guest post for someone else’s site, you can introduce yourself to all of their existing readers too. Some of these travel blogs have hundreds of thousands of readers every day. Guest posting lets you get in on that action.


And since you know that their readers are already interested in reading travel blogs, it’s a great way to add relevant traffic to your own site.


Boosts SEO


One of the best ways that people will find your blog is through a search engine. You want to make sure that your site shows up when people make relevant searches.


This process is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.


The aim is simple: you want to rank as high on the SERPs (search engine results pages) as possible. But actually achieving that aim is a bit more complicated.


There are dozens of SEO practices, such as keyword optimization, website speed, and blogging (you’re halfway there!). But one of the most powerful strategies is building backlinks.


One way that search engines rank pages is site trustworthiness or domain authority.


If Google sees that other sites are linking to another, the algorithm determines that it is trustworthy. When you get a trustworthy site to link back to your site, it raises your own domain authority.


Writing guest posts is a great way to do this. Most sites will let you link to your own blog, which creates valuable backlinks and boosts your SEO.


Direct Traffic Where You Want Them


If you’re writing a travel blog as a source of income, certain pages on your site have more income potential than others. For instance, a blog post filled with affiliate links can bring in more money than your “Contact Me” page.


If you can control what page people first visit when they come to your site, you can increase your potential for revenue. In the SEO business, we call that a “landing page.”


When you write a guest post on another site, you have control over what page visitors go to.


When you add your link, be intentional about where you send them. If you can send them to a page with high revenue potential, link to that rather than to your home page or about page.


Just don’t make it spammy or sales-y. People hate pushy salesmen. And if you link to an obviously commercial page, it’ll make a bad first impression.


Get More Out of Your Stories


One of the hardest things about maintaining a travel blog–or any blog, for that matter–is coming up with new content.


If you take a trip for a couple weeks, you might be able to get a dozen posts out of it. But after that, your readers might get tired of hearing the same stories about that one trip over and over again.


But if you write guest posts for other travel sites, you’ll be able to tell those stories to a new audience. They haven’t gotten tired of those same stories, so you can tell them fresh.


Just make sure you don’t paste it verbatim from your own site. Many sites only publish completely original content. You can write posts about the same events, but make sure it’s a new post.


You don’t have to limit yourself to just travel blogs, either. You could even tell those stories to readers on different kinds of sites.


Write for a food blog about the amazing shawarma you ate in the UAE. Write on a fashion blog about the modern approach to traditional clothing you saw there. Write on a business blog about getting the best deals on airplane tickets.


Look for as many different host blogs as you can and retool the same stories to be relevant to those sites.


Some sites will even pay you for your posts!


Expand the Reach of Your Travel Site


Even the most popular travel site had to start somewhere. Chances are, they wrote a fair amount of guest posts on other sites before they got huge.


And if you want to build your travel blog to the point where it can pay for your travel–and who doesn’t want that–you’re going to have to do the same thing.


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