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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Environment Site


Guests posts can help take your environment site to new levels. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your environment site.


Getting more traffic to your environment site is more than the number of visitors. The quality of visitors is even more important. Organic content marketing creates 3x the leads of paid ads.


You want to attract more visitors who already have an interest in environmental topics. The higher quality traffic you get, the more conversions you’ll see. There are a few different marketing strategies out there to increase traffic.


An often overlooked part of SEO management is guest posting. Writing a guest post at face-value may seem like a faith-based action. Giving content to another website is all about investing for long-term gains.


So, what do you get out of guest blogging? There are actually a lot of benefits to writing a guest post. Consider these reasons to start writing guest blogs to grow your website.


Search Engine Optimization Pros


Every SEO strategy should include guest posting at some point. Optimizing your own site involves relevant keywords and use of backlinks. Well, the most valuable backlinks are going to come from higher authority websites that link to you.


Google assigns higher authority rankings to websites with high PR (page ranking) backlinks. This improves your own organic rankings, increases organic traffic, and speeds up indexing of your website.


When you combine the use of optimized guest post keywords and high-value backlinks, it can result in a big boost to your SEO.


Greater Networking


Reaching out to other respected websites for the opportunity to guest post brings you valuable connections. Networking is necessary, no matter what business you’re in. You should try to make as many connections as you can when starting out.


If your environment site has some great content, a vision, and a sense of passion, people will recognize it. You can get some valuable help from these connections if they like your work. The more collaboration opportunities you get, the faster your business will grow.


Voice of Authority


We mentioned that Google assigns more authority to websites with backlinks to higher ranking pages. You’ll also gain more authority within your industry and community. As your name becomes associated with established brands, people will start to see you as an authority on the environment.


Out of familiarity, you should start to see more social media engagement and readership numbers. Building authority takes time, but it’s something that you can’t buy and is extremely valuable these days.


Greater Reach


Collaborating with higher authority blogs means you’ll have a bigger audience to reach. Some of the best internet ideas and creations online never get noticed. Without the reach, it doesn’t matter how good your idea is if nobody sees it.


This is why guest posting is so important. You have to step away from the idea of doing everything yourself from the ground-up. You need that helping hand to allow you to reach a wider audience. This doesn’t mean you have to become reliant on bigger websites.


Your own reach will naturally grow after gaining exposure on bigger blogs. This is preferred over PPC when it comes to quality of traffic.


Variety of Content


When you’re posting a rotation of content on your own site, it can get a little stale. By reaching out and collaborating with other websites, you can switch things up. Even doing a simple interview with one of there staff can help you.


Guest posts are usually great for discussing trends, news, or updates in the industry. These quick bites of content don’t require a lot of expert information. It also helps take care of content that many businesses don’t have time to address.


Use these relationships to trade guest post ideas between others. You scratch their backs and they’ll scratch your back.


Website Credibility


These days, web builders make it so easy to make a decent-looking website, which makes it harder to determine credibility. Browsing a page with nothing but self-published posts that only talk about the company can be a red flag. In order to get real trust with your brand, you need to have cosigners.


Having another credible blog link back to your blog is pretty straight-forward. The same goes for shares on social media accounts. It’s really important to come right out of the gate with a connection to well-known brands.


Remember, when you’re pitching to websites to guest post on, reference other credible sources. Your post needs to be unique, valuable, and reputable. Most high-ranking websites have editors and a certain quality of standard for posts.


Carve Out a Niche


The best way to guest post for a mutually-beneficial relationship is to provide a unique perspective. Make your guest posts a specialized format that doesn’t exist on the higher authority blogs. This creates more value for your posts and allows you to indirectly compete with said blogs.


Your strategy would be to use these blogs as launchpads to your own website. As your website starts to take off, you will no longer need to guest post with them. Your guest posts would turn into featured articles and interviews that you get offered.


Guest Posting for Your Environment Site


Swallow your pride and start guest posting as so on as you can. Your environment site needs name recognition, respect, and interesting content to grow. You’ll need to focus on SEO, backlinks, marketing, and establishing your voice.


The best way to do all of that is by getting a guest post published. If you’re confused as to where you should start, we have you covered. At Guest Post Tracker, we have the tools and resources you need to start guest posting with high-authority sites.


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