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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Family Site


If you’re not writing guests posts, you’re missing out. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your family site.


Guest posting on a family site attracts a passionate audience and builds relationships. These personalized sites sometimes command tens of thousands of followers and community members.


Family sites often rank well because they cover a wide range of topics. They’re known to drive amazing targeted traffic for their patrons. Building a family site can present the traffic and brand building benefits, too.


Here is what to know about guest posting on family sites from both angles.


Why a Family Site is the Perfect Guest Blogging Opportunity and Platform


A family site’s audience is different than news, entertainment, or business blogs. These sites attract visitors seeking information with a personal twist. The readers want to feel they’re part of an intimate community.


Everything about a family site stems from personal branding. Readers trust the suggestions and recommendations of the site owner because it’s personal. A guest post on these sites resonate with the audience — and offers great benefits.


View the following from both perspectives – blogger and site owner – to see the platform benefits.


Build Brand Authority by Association


We tend to gravitate toward people with authority because they project natural leadership. It’s why we follow leaders on social media or read blogs of industry professionals. We seek relationships in case it presents an opportunity for growth.


Authority by association is the “I’ve got a friend in the industry”-type statement.


Accepting guest posts from industry professionals boosts your own trustworthiness. Your site begins showing trust signals because you’re paired with the authority figure. The reader’s projection of authority includes you.


With authority you tend to:

  • • Attract a larger audience
  • • Differentiate from competitors
  • • Land business partnerships


In short: Guest posting turns the site into an industry and market resource.


Provide a Platform for Under-Represented Voices


A family website with a strong following has a unique position for influence. You can turn the site into a platform for awareness through guest posting. You empower under-represented voices in your community or areas of interest.


There are a few ways to share voices:

  • • Interviews
  • • Journals
  • • Biographies


Yes, people have access to social media and free blogging platforms. Yet, this requires building a following which may take months or years. Your site may have an audience — this gives them instant access to listeners.


In effect: You’re giving someone a podium to share their story.


Help Someone Set the Record Straight


Negative news like arrest records and disputes are forever found online. Depending on the source, those reports can show in top results when searching for a person’s name. This doesn’t bode well if/when employers search for the person such as during the hiring process.


Guest posts can help set the record straight — a form of reputation management.


The person could:

  • • Share their side of the story
  • • Include rebuttals to a news article
  • • Explain what’s changed and moving forward


The combo of their full name and personal information should help it show in search results. This can “squelch” outdated information, too! In a way, it lets the person restart without these negative items following their every move.


Guest posting as a reputation management tool is a profitable gig, too. You could offer these guest posting services by advertising on freelance boards.


Create a New, Passive Income Stream


High value and ranking websites can request paid guest posting opportunities. A customer looks for items like site authority and industry. Their intent is gaining a backlink but also exposing their brand to a targeted audience.


Here’s what you could do:

  1. Add a “sponsored post” blurb on your contact page
  2. Set guidelines of what topics you accept and their scope
  3. Outline when/how posts get published + payment details
  4. Publish the post after payment


Some publishers pay hundreds of dollars for guest posts! This could create an incredible passive income stream for your family. You could reinvest the money into the site or family projects/goals.


Try it the other way:


Guest post on family blogs but include links to your product or service pages. Or, include affiliate links to a product you want to promote. Many sites offer 1 – 2 links per guest post giving you a lead funnel with each published post.


Get Free Stuff and Access to Events


Mom blogs are the perfect example of family websites done right. These blogs share helpful tips but also act like journals including events and items the mom use. These posts usually include a shout-out to the organizer or company.


What happens when the site grows? These organizers and companies notice.


Someone will get in contact and offer:

  • • Free products you can choose to promote
  • • Free entry to events given you cover it on the blog
  • • Guest posts or post template you can personalize


Sometimes these companies pay for the guest post inclusion, too. This is a double-win if you receive free kickbacks. Do remember to include a “sponsored” disclaimer on the page to follow FTC guidelines.


You could be the provider of these items and events, too. Many family bloggers are open to swag and freebies. This gives you an “in” with high-quality family websites within your targeted niche.


Let People Chime In on Big Projects


Families have big projects involving contractors and/or DIY. The guest post could act as an open invitation for experts willing to chime in. The comment section would act as a back-and-forth, answering questions and leaving tips.


Journaling the project will have people noticing, too.


You could share:

  • • Updates via posts and media
  • • Lists of tools/resources you’re using
  • • Round-ups of similar projects


People are quick to point out faults, saving you time and trouble. Or, they’ll offer suggestions for alternative resources. Either way, journaling can add a fun, interactive experience for the community.


Where to Find Family Sites for Guest Posting


A family site may pose under several designations:

  • • Mom or dad
  • • Faith or values
  • • Homesteading or lifestyle


Look for cues like “family outing” or “mommy blogging”. Browse the listings and compile a list of potential sites accepting guest posts. Then, build a rapport by participating on their site.


In time, you can pitch a guest post idea to the family site owner. Or, build your own family blog and begin accepting the same outreach benefits.




Let us help you find and track guest posting efforts.


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