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How Much Does a Guest Blogging Service Cost?: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding

Blogs have the ability to generate tremendous revenue for their owners. Sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, and others regularly generate millions of dollars off of creating posts their fan bases love.

If you’re a budding blogger or an eCommerce business owner looking to drive more traffic to your products via a blog, you may be wondering how you can get high-quality posts fast that will bring you the results you’re looking for.

The answer – excellent guest blogging.

Guest blogging is when you seek out writers to create content for your blog. While guest blogging can be free if you have a large audience if you’re just building your site you may need to pay a guest blogging service to create content for you.

So how much should you pay for guest blogging? This article explores that question to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

What is a Guest Blogging Service?

In order to understand how much you should pay for a guest blogging service, it’s important that we first define what one is. A guest blogging services are content agencies that can create blog posts on your behalf that you can then publish to your website.

This content can either come with the writer’s by-line or can be ghostwritten content you publish under you or another staff member’s name.

A quality guest blogging service will assign writers to your account that know the ins and out’s of your particular niche so your paid-for content never sounds uneducated and will never undermine the trust of your readers. Furthermore, guest blogging services format their content in a way that optimizes its ability to get picked up by search engines (more on that in a later).

Where Can You Find Paid Blogging Services?

When searching for qualified blogging services, you can go about your search in a few ways.

You can hire individual writers a-la-carte via putting up an ad on websites like ProBlogger. You can reach out to writer’s whose content you like directly. You can even explore freelancing websites like Fiverr.

Alternatively, to make things easier on yourself, you can engage a full-scale content agency who can get up and running, creating large amounts of material for you fast.

It’s important to note that while most blogging agencies present themselves professionally from a marketing perspective, not all content agencies are created equal. Many have different ways of handling the content creation process which can get you very different results.

This reality brings us to the next and most important question in this article…

How Much Should You Pay for a Guest Blogging Service

If you’re hiring a service to produce guest blog posts for you, know that there are no standard rates among them. You can be charged as little as a few dollars for a 500-word post all the way up to hundreds for a high-quality longer piece.

When discerning what kind of spend you should allocate to your guest blogging need, consider the following:

Is Your Guest Blogging Service Made up of Native English Speakers?

Content creation has become big business in the outsourcing market. Because of that, you will see a lot of agencies based in low-income areas like Asia and South America offering their services at shocking rates.

While tempting, we recommend not biting on too good to be true prices. What you’ll get for your money will be sub-par pieces that need to be heavily edited and will not net you the consumer trust and traffic you’re looking for.

It’s better to pay more for the results you want versus paying a little for no results at all.

Is Your Guest Blogging Service Privy to SEO?

A big part of what you’re paying for with a guest blogging service is SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of connecting billions of users to relevant content on the web via search engines.

If you have an excellent blog that is targeted at internet user’s most frequently asked questions, you’ll get good traffic. If you have a blog that doesn’t do anything in the way of SEO, you won’t get any visitors.

For that reason, understand what kind of SEO research your guest blogging service does prior to deciding if they’re worth their rate.

Does Your Guest Blogging Service Offer a Guarantee?

A good guest blogging service has great reviews and offers you revisions if you don’t like the product you receive. Any service that’s only offering a single pass with no edits on a written piece is not worth your time. Odds are that you’ll end up with a botched piece of content you can’t use without revising heavily yourself.

Always gravitate and be willing to pay more for a service that stands behind their work.

Wrapping Things Up

So how much does a guest blogging service cost? They cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds based on length and quality of work.

There are almost certainly guest blogging services that exist within your budget. Whether or not your budget will buy you services that will get you the results you want for your blog… that’s another question.

Remember, your aim with guest blogging is to generate a content portfolio on your site that builds trust with your customers and increases your web traffic. Accomplishing those ends takes awesome content.

If your paid guest blogger can’t provide you with that awesome content, you’re better off spending more and looking for a team who can.

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