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Help Your Home Site: The Benefits of Writing Guest Posts for Your Home Site


Are you looking for an easy way to improve your home site? If so, read on to learn about the benefits of writing guest posts for your home site.


Years ago, you could have launched your home site and gotten plenty of traffic from site links you yourself placed on outside directory sites and social bookmarking platforms. Many bloggers will tell you those were the “good old days.”


But those bloggers would be wrong.


Today, you have a tool you can use that is far stronger and more effective than random, low-level link building. It’s a tool that will ultimately build a stronger and more lasting foundation for your business.


It’s called guest blogging.


Far from being the “hard” or “time-consuming” tool that many failed bloggers claim, writing guest posts for other websites can lead to faster growth in authority and traffic numbers as well as build a brand that is strong enough to last.


Crazy Egg, a website that provides data on how people really use websites, even lists it as one of the best ways to increase your online sales quickly. Here are some other ways guest posting can help you turn your home site into a home run.


Establish your Authority


When another website features your article on their pages, it’s an endorsement in the eyes of their readers. It’s no longer just you saying that you know about how to pick the right kitchen appliances or how to remodel your home, it’s someone else in your marketplace saying it. This sort of third-party credibility is exactly what’s going to get readers of that other site to notice yours.


Establish Links


Yes, link building is still very important. That link that ties your guest post back to your website is not just there for human readers. It is a link that Google and other search engines can use to learn more about you and to rank your site higher in their index.


There is ample evidence that guest post links on relevant blogs count more than random links on directory sites ever did, so you can rank higher on fewer links as well.


Learn About Your Audience


When another blogger accepts your guest post, he does so because he believes it will be relevant to his readers. You can easily measure the number of visitors to your home site from this article and gauge how much commercial value the topic holds as well. You can then write more on the subject on your own home site, or use this free market research to adjust your product offerings to meet this demand.


Build Your Social Network


With each guest blog you write, you broaden your social circle online as well. You can, and should, promote the guest blogs you write for other sites through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites just as you would the articles you write for your own site. When you do so, you strengthen your connection with the other site owner and encourage him to introduce you, your article and your site to his social network as well.


Build Your Brand


Beyond just getting your name out to an ever-widening audience, guest posts allow you to get your philosophy and vision out to potential customers and other influencers as well. While building a brand for your company, you are also building a personal brand. That, in turn, personalizes your company and makes it easier for prospective clients to engage with you socially and make the decision to buy from you.


Build Your Community


Let’s face it, working from home and sustaining a website with plenty of fresh new content is hard. There is going to come a time when you feel you’ve run out of new and interesting things to say. When you start to get responses from others to your guest posts, you’re going to get more than new ideas for content.


Some of your feelings of isolation and loneliness will disappear as well. Your confidence will increase as you start to realize that your home tips blog and products are truly helping other people.


Encourage Reciprocity


You may soon find yourself receiving requests from other bloggers who would like to place guest posts on your site as well. This can be a great way to expose your audience to other influencers in your marketplace. Being the person who introduced someone to an influencer also builds your own authority.


Accepting guest posts yourself can also make it easier to get through those slumps when your own creativity is lagging or to maintain your publishing schedule when you are hard at work on other aspects of your business.


Qualify Your Audience


The key to writing a high-quality guest post is aiming at a specific audience. Once you have that audience in mind it is easier to answer a question that audience segment has about products and services like yours.


It’s also easier to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself how they would phrase their search engine query. Choose these “keywords” wisely and you ensure that the people who read the article and hopefully click through your link to visit your site are highly qualified prospects.


Relevancy, Relevancy, Relevancy


Just like location is all important in real estate, relevancy is the common thread that runs through all of these benefits to guest blogging. In order to build up authority, traffic and sales to your website selling home products or services, you want the sites you place articles on to be as closely related to your own niche as possible.


That doesn’t mean that if you sell home security systems, for example, that all your guest blogs need to be placed on sites about security. Sites having to do with home decorating, or kitchen and bath remodeling, are also very relevant to your site.


Get Started Now


The hardest thing about guest blogging is getting started. In the beginning, you may not be confident about your own writing ability. You may also not know how to begin to find which home-related blogs will accept a guest post from you, or if they charge a fee for guest blogging.


Check out all the ways Guest Post Tracker can help you get started today. Whether you need someone to write a guest blog for you, need help finding outlets to place your home site posts or just need a way to keep track of all your outreach efforts, they have you covered.