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The Top 4 Benefits of Writing A Guest Post for Your Real Estate Site


Bringing more traffic to your real estate site is easier than you think. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your real estate site.


As small businesses are slated to spend an average of $75,000 this year on digital marketing, every real estate business is looking for ways to cut back. One of the best ways for any real estate website to get more traffic is to write a blog and get the word out there about who you are. Your real estate site deserves a solid reputation and you’ll get it when you write guest posts.


Here are four ways that guest posts benefit your real estate site.


1. Get Real Traffic


With guest posts for your real estate website, expect to see a spike in traffic. The traffic that comes in won’t just be that random bot traffic that you get with a pay per click campaign either. You’ll get high-quality traffic interested in your content in a real way.


When you focus on social media marketing or email blasts, you have to do a lot of work and end up seeing a minimal return. The benefit of getting real traffic is that your visitors are sincerely interested in what you have to say and know why your content is relevant to them.


When your business builds traffic channels to send relevant visitors interested in buying, selling, or renting, you see real leads. The quality traffic is drawn from real searches based on real buyers, renters, and sellers that are out looking for the kind of answers that you have.


The best guest posting gives you the chance to convert loyal visitors from an established blog over to your site. That traffic comes from people who assume that what they see on that blog has real value and when they click a link, they’re getting valuable information.


2. Expand Your Following


What do you do when you see an online or social media post written by someone who makes you think? When you see a post that tells you “wow, this person is an astute expert in real estate”, do you risk scrolling past and never hearing from them again?


Of course not! You follow them and start reading their other posts to get some of the valuable information you know they have to offer.


Most blogs share their content across a wide range of social media sites, meaning that your guest post gets in front of thousands who you’ve never met. This fresh contact comes with an implied stamp of approval from the account, meaning that the people who follow automatically trust you. That endorsement leads to hundreds if not thousands of new followers in just a day.


Everyone following that site and their social media profile gets informed about you and your post. Write strong content every time and you’ll be sure that your content gets lots of shares and reaches as many people as possible.


3. Targeted Exposure Matters


When you want to reach a real estate audience online, you need to let as many people as possible know you exist. However, letting a bunch of people who follow a wrestling or footwear site know about you might not give you what you’re looking for. You need targeted exposure to know who you’re reaching.


When you write guest posts for long-established blogs, you ensure that you’re being read by lots of people who care about what you have to say.


Your blog needs to tell readers that you’ve got the solution that they’re looking for. When people come across your blog online, it’s usually because they’ve used a search engine to ask a question or search for someone in real estate. When they find your blog post, it needs to answer their question with your services as the solution.


When you make a guest post, you’re getting targeted exposure, so you can’t miss your mark. High-quality guest posts on a popular real estate blog give you access to a market that’s already signed on to read about real estate. By familiarizing readers with your company and your services, you can easily win over converts.


4. It’s Great for Networking


If real estate is about one thing, it’s about connections and who you know.


While you might have access to a lot of great properties, there’s no way you can handle them all on your own. With a great network around you, you’ll become a conduit for access to properties for not only buyers and sellers but also other brokers.


Your blog builds your credibility, giving people reasons to trust you right away. When people see you’re cosigned by the blog you’re guest posting for, your brand gets an automatic bump in value. When people see your name or your firm’s name, they’ll know they’re dealing with a real player in the business.


Guest blogging is a great way to connect you with the customers and the other people in the industry. There are a lot of barriers to break through when you first get involved in the industry, so the ability to skip a few steps has its benefits.


The blog that’s put up your guest post may be a major player in your niche, meaning that if they endorse you, other people give your brand value as well.


Your Real Estate Site Needs Guest Posts


While you might not think the posts you write for other sites mean a lot for your real estate site, they bring back so much good traffic that you can’t overlook them.


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