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The Benefits of  Writing a Guest Post for Your Self Improvement Site


Your self improvement site can gain exposure by writing guests posts. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing guest posts.


So you’ve started a self-improvement site to feature blog content. Now you’re looking for ways to increase traffic. One way to gain visibility for your blog is by doing guest blogs.


Guest blogging has proven to be beneficial to many bloggers. It is a marketing strategy that can improve your blog’s chances of getting noticed. Finding established blogs to allow you to feature content is easier than you think.


Other bloggers are looking for opportunities to bring fresh ideas to their sites. Some seek bloggers they can feature on their sites. They understand the exposure and expertise guest bloggers can bring.


Getting featured on an established blog can boost your confidence and inspire you to raise the level of your own blog. More important, the new followers you will gain will motivate you to keep writing.


Continue reading for ways guest blogging can improve your self-improvement site.


What is Guest Blogging?


Guest blogging is a technique common to content marketing. The strategy is designed to help bloggers network with one another while increasing their readership. The technique can go a long way in helping a relatively unknown blogger build their reputation as an expert in the area they write about.


Some see guest posting as a trade-off. The host site gets to share new content while helping a fellow blogger. The guest blogger gains exposure to a new audience.


Encourage Readers to Share the Post


Before asking someone if you can guest blog on their site, do your search. Is their content relevant to self-improvement? Do they have a following and are followers interacting with their content.


If the site doesn’t meet this simple test it may not be worth your time. If it does, give it a try.


After your guest blog is posted, you and the host share the blog. This can be done on social media sites and via email marketing. Don’t be afraid to ask the host where they will share the content.


Make sure you tell family and friends about the post so they can share it also.


Use the Opportunity to Build Your Brand


Before seeking guest blog opportunities have an established site. This means your blog is up and running. You have a nice layout that reflects what you represent. Your logo is popping and your tagline is catchy and memorable.


Blogging is as much about building a brand as it is about sharing your thoughts with the world. Your success will hinge on the amount of time you spend building brand awareness.


Utilize Social Media


Trying to build a following for your blog is virtually impossible without having a social media presence. This is one of your major pipelines to the audience you need to succeed.


As part of your marketing strategy, you need to share every blog post you write. The guest blog will be no different. When posting share the link to the blog and tag the guest site and its owner.


By tagging the host you increase the chance that their social media followers will land on your page.


Write as an Expert


Regardless of where you guest blog, write with intentionality. Demonstrate to the audience that you are an expert in your field. Leave them wanting to read more of what you have to offer.


Don’t feel as if you are stealing followers from the host. There is enough knowledge to share. People interested in a subject will follow multiple blogs if the content is relevant.


They say you only get one chance to make a good impression. With guest blogging, you may get several. Just keep in mind, the next opportunity to get before a new audience could be tied to your previous performance.


Get More Traffic to Your Self-Improvement Site


The best way to measure the success of your guest blog post is by the increased traffic you should start seeing. Don’t be dismayed if you don’t see an uptick as soon as the blog is posted. Give the readers time to access the blog.


During the first week continue to share the link. Also visit the website daily and respond to comments. Include the link to your site in your signature.


Engagement will increase the likelihood that people will visit your site.


Work on getting New Followers


Remember, people are not inclined to follow bloggers who do not provide valuable content. Don’t stop at just one guest blogger opportunity. Continue to reach out to other bloggers.


As you’re doing this, continue to write quality content on your own blog. Acknowledge your followers and encourage them to go comment on the guest posts you have done.


You may want to offer incentives to those who bring in new followers.


Guest Blogging that Leads to Sale Conversions


Let’s be honest, most bloggers are not in it just because they have something to say. Many bloggers do it for the revenue blogs can generate.


A blogger can earn money via affiliate marketing, selling brand paraphernalia, or by running Google Ads. With the traffic you gain from your guest blog, you can see a boost in revenue.


Be sure to include in your guest post information about the merchandise you sell. You can also include affiliate links if you mention a product on the blog.


Network with other Bloggers


Don’t get bogged down in trying to find blogs that will allow you to write a guest post. Other bloggers in the industry have just as much valuable insight. Plus, there is no rule that states your content is only relevant to sites that deal with your topic.


Make connections and building relationships with bloggers that have built a successful brand. They can provide you with good insights and useful tips.


Are you Ready to Become a Guest Blogger?


Now that you see the benefits of guest blogging to promote your self-improvement site, what are you waiting for?


Getting to the top of the Google rankings is the next step. Click here for important SEO tips to get your guest posts to rank higher on search engine result pages.