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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Website


Are you looking to improve your website? Guest posting can help. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your website.


Within the five seconds it takes you to read this sentence, Internet users have read over 45,000 web pages.


Where did we get that number? From the fact that more than 409 consumers consume info off of 23.7 billion web pages every month. Doing the math, that’s over 541,000 pages every minute, or 9,000+ every second.


In any case, this shows how great an influence blogs have over consumers. People rely so much on them for information that 61% of blog readers bought something based on a post.


That should already tell you how blogging can do wonders to your website.


But this doesn’t mean you should limit all blog posts to your own site alone. You need to have posts pointing back to your site appear on other credible sites.


This is where guest blogging comes into play.


Keep reading to find out how it can boost your site’s traffic and ranking!


It’s One of the Most Effective Link Building Strategies


We’ll start off with this one because Google considers links as one of its top three ranking factors. Content (of course) and its search AI system “RankBrain” are the other two.


So, that means content and links are two-thirds of the ranking equation. To be more precise, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev said it’s “links pointing to your site”.


In any case, the bottom line is that writing top-quality guest posts is like hitting two birds with one stone. You need powerful link building tactics, whether it’s for a business website or a fashion site.


First, because you can display your expertise through your interesting and relevant posts. If readers enjoyed what you wrote, they’re likely to crave more of what you can offer. They’ll be more interested to see for themselves if you got anything else worthy of their time.


That’s where the linking part does its job. Guest posting lets you include links directing back to your website. By having such a link in your guest post, readers can then go straight to your site. That means a potential increase in both traffic and Google search rankings!


It Gives You Access to an Established Site’s Followers


Of course, you’d want your guest posts to appear on a high-ranking, authoritative website. For starters, Forbes says source authority is vital to search engines, especially Google. They’re all about quality, so they want to make sure links are from credible, trustworthy sites.


Second, because these sites have large followings. To be blunt, their reader count is most likely way bigger than that of your site. Either way, being a guest blogger for these sites can mean bigger exposure for your posts.


More exposure equates to greater recognition of your site. The more recognizable you are, the higher the potential for increased site traffic. All these can then lead to higher search engine result page (SERP) ranks!


Remember, three-fourths of search engine users don’t bother checking page 2 of SERPs. That’s why you want to appear as high up the results pages as possible.


Your Website Will Appear More Credible to Readers


If you guest blogged on authoritative sites, their readers will look at you with more respect. After all, they’re big believers of these trustworthy websites. As such, appearing on these places fuels your credibility too.


Make sure the pieces you write are worthy of these websites though. You need to write killer content, or you risk having your pieces not show up on them at all.


Keep in mind that these sites build a reputation based on credibility. As such, they wouldn’t want to tarnish that by featuring low-quality content.


Also, don’t forget that people within certain niches don’t trust what they read right away. This is especially true for content discussing sensitive topics, like finance and education. These readers want utmost credibility when it comes to such types of information.


One way to meet this standard is to link back to other sites considered an industry authority.


Let’s say you want to write a guest post for your finance website. Then make sure your content links back to other authoritative finance sites. This can be bank blog sites, investing forums, or financial research groups.


It Can Help Boost Your Social Media Presence


Every day, the Internet gives birth to more than 200 million new blog posts. That makes standing out from the crowd seem impossible. But it’s doable, and social media is one of the best tools you have at your disposal.


Of course, you can always share your website’s blog posts via your social media accounts. But to expose them to even more people, you’d need others to share your pieces. Guest blogging can help you achieve this goal.


How so?


As mentioned above, high-ranking sites expose your content to their many followers. Their followers are likely on social media, like the one billion people on Facebook. There’s also micro-blogging service Twitter, with its 326 million monthly active users.


If your guest posts’ readers love and enjoyed what you wrote, they’re likely to share it online. Once they do, they’re exposing your posts to their friends and followers. That means even more publicity for your posts!


Best of all, this sharing won’t cost you anything extra. It’s free, and more than good publicity at that.


Take Your Blogging Activities to the Next Level with Guest Posts


Blogging, on its own, can already get you 97% of those inbound links you need. Include regular guest posts to the formula, and you have higher chances of getting even more.


That’s why you’d want guest posts linking back to your website ASAP. The sooner you start guest blogging, the sooner you can see traffic to your site increase. The sooner you can see your site rank higher in SERPs.


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