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Top 10 Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Automotive Site


If you’re looking to grow your automative site, you need to do some guest posting. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post.


Do you run a killer automotive blog but just aren’t getting the hits you’re looking for? You’re sure you’re doing everything right, yet you just can’t seem to grow an audience?


People like to say that content is king, but the truth of the matter is that you need more than just good articles to grow a blog. While the quality of your content will determine if readers come back, there are actually other tools to help build a following.


The one action that will create the biggest impact is to write a guest post. Getting an article hosted on a larger automotive site may be the single greatest step toward building a bigger audience.


Keep reading to learn more about why you should write a guest blog for your automotive site.


Why Guest Post


If you’re going to write a successful guest post, you need to offer a high-quality article. Some bloggers can get squeamish about what they see as giving away good work. After all, the host site gets the traffic, right?


Read on, then, to understand why that’s a worthy trade-off to guest blog an article.


Reach a New Audience


The most obvious benefit of writing a guest article is the exposure to a new audience. You should take any opportunity to get your content in front of new people. Unless they have the chance to read your work, they never know what interest it holds to them.


The important consideration, then, is to consider the sites you approach for your guest post. If you cover classic American muscle cars then a site focused on electric vehicles likely won’t earn you any new readers.


Instead, target sites that overlap with your interests. Some bloggers may worry that similar sites are competition. Don’t have this attitude. What will make your content distinct isn’t so much the topic as it is your voice.


By bringing your perspective to a different outlet, you provide their audience with the subject matter they know they like, but with your sensibility and style.


Gain Legitimacy


There are many different sites covering the auto industry. The most popular ones have access to resources that are likely far beyond what you have to work with.


Instead of trying to match their output, guest posting allows you to get your name on their site. You don’t have the same access they have. But getting your name hosted on the same page as some of the industry leaders puts you on their level in the eyes of the audience.


Build Those Backlinks


If you have an automotive site worth its salt, you should already be following SEO best practices. You also know the importance of backlinks.


Writing a guest post that links back to your site is the kind of SEO fuel that money can’t buy. The more established the site you guest blog for, the more value that backlink has.


Build Your Network


Presumably, you run an auto site because you love cars and want to write about them. Think, then, of what happens if you provide a leading site an article that performs well.


Chances are it will lead to more opportunities. These can come in many different ways. The important thing is that people who are successfully doing what you want to do recognize what you can offer.


Everyone has their own reasons for launching a site. That will impact the choices you make going forward. Whatever your plans are for your site, few would argue against having new opportunities to choose from.


Get Feedback


The internet is littered with content released into the void. Anyone can write an article that sits ignored. But that’s not you. Why else would you bother running a site, then?


Feedback is an essential factor in getting better at anything. Getting your material in front of a large audience will provide you with instant feedback on your work.


Don’t let this intimidate you. If you can be honest with yourself about the work you’ve done and what you hope to achieve, negative feedback shouldn’t be a concern כנס כאן. Not everyone will be a fan.


By being open and honest with yourself, you can learn to recognize criticism that is constructive against criticism that’s dismissive. Constructive criticism is incredibly valuable and should be appreciated.


Criticism from people that just aren’t interested can be dismissed with ease.


How to Start Guest Blog for an Automotive Site


Now you understand the value of writing articles for other sites. Now how do you get started guest blogging?


Choose Your Site


As stated above, the content you create will influence the sites you approach. You should already have an idea who the big players are, but if not, start with Google. Enter some keywords regarding your interests and see who the top results are.


Don’t be intimidated by the size of these sites. Everyone wants interesting, engaging content. No matter who you are, providing this will make you valuable.


Find Your Contact


Getting your request to the right person is important. You may have to settle for a general Contact email, but it’s worth looking for specific individuals.


Visit the site and look for a Site Map. There should be an About section, or maybe even a Who We Are. You should also visit their social media pages and look to see the people behind the page.


Perfect Your Pitch


When approaching a site about guest posting, you’ll want to offer them a solid pitch. They aren’t looking to assign work; they already have writers for that. Besides, what if they ask for something outside of your comfort level?


Offering a killer pitch should work on them the same way it would the audience. It should be relevant and intriguing. Conducting keyword research is a great way to not only develop ideas but also to increase the SEO factor.


Guest Post Services


You can also use a guest post service to help submit your content for you. Services like this help streamline the process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Final Thoughts


Running an automotive site is a labor of love. Your work should have the audience it deserves.


If you’re interested in seeing what a guest blogging service could offer you, let us know. We have the experience to get your articles in front of the audience you’re looking for.