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How To Use This List Of Guest Blogging Sites To Instantly Grow Your Business

Trying to keep yourself organized when building links through guest posting can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of blogs that accept guest post submissions, and it is so difficult keeping track of the sites you have submitted a guest post to. At GuestPostTracker.com we maintain an updated list of blogs that accept guest posts and our tool helps you keep track of each blog that you guest post on.

What is great about this list of blogs is we constantly keep it updated and maintained. We are always adding new blogs to the list and removing blogs that no longer want guest post submissions. When you become a registered member you get full access to the list, and you get access to our software that helps you keep track of all of your guest post submissions, and reports the anchor text you have been targeting with each submission.

Each blog on our list has its own guest post guidelines, so once you sign up we connect you to their respective page. One thing we do guarantee is that each blog on our list will give you guest blogging opportunities.

Advantages of Guest Posting

Want to build your website’s reputation, establish yourself as an authority, and attract new subscribers – for free? You can – by leveraging the power of other people’s platforms to get your message out. Guest posting on other sites in your niche is an often overlooked but powerful strategy for promoting websites and businesses of all kinds.

Keeping fresh content on your website and promoting it with a robust social media strategy is essential for expanding your reach and building a base of subscribers and customers. But if you’re a relative newcomer to online business, reaching a wide audience can be a challenge. Guest posting offers web entrepreneurs a “leg up” by showcasing good content on an already established platform. Here’s how guest posting can boost your business.

Builds Authority

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field is key to building a successful website that draws subscribers and makes sales. When your content appears on the site of an established leader in your niche, their implied endorsement of your work enhances your reputation as a leader too.

Thought leaders have large numbers of readers and followers. That means your content becomes available to them as well as readers of your own blog. A wider readership means more sharing across social networks and other channels. What’s more, you might make a bit of money if the blog you write for pays for its guest posts.

Boosts Visibility

Because guest posts on a highly visible site reaches a wide audience, you reach that audience too. Carefully crafted posts rich in search-friendly keywords can help new readers find your content, especially if your guest post offers an in-depth solution to a pressing problem or burning question concerning people in your niche.

Guest posts typically include a brief bio with links to your site and social media connections, so adding searchable key words to that section can help readers find out more about you and what you do.

Builds the Right Backlinks

Raising your site’s profile in search engines depends on backlinks – links from other sites back to yours. But not just any old backlink will do. Spammy link generators and shady promotional sites have led leading search engines such as Google to carefully examine the source and quality of backlinks to a site to determine its legitimacy and ranking.

Links to your site from an established authority site confirms your authenticity. Since your content is “piggybacking” on the reputation of a site that’s already ranking well, your search visibility improves too.

Hones Your Skills

Writing quality posts is important for any site owner. But crafting posts for leading sites in your niche requires you to produce your best work. Most sites that accept guest posts have clear guidelines about content and style – and your piece is likely competing with submissions from hopeful posters from around the world. Writing a guest post that gets the green light requires solid wring skills and thorough research in an area that gives value to the site’s readers. The practice of writing guest posts helps you write good content for your own site too.

Start Submitting Guest Posts

Don’t let lack of experience stop you from getting stated with guest posting. If you don’t have a lot of publishing credits, that may not be as important as your experience working in your niche and your ability to target topics that niche readership cares about.

Some sites post invitations for guest posts along with guidelines. Others appear on blogging job boards and lists of sites seeking guest posts. And if there’s a site you’d really like to write for, you can always send an inquiry to find out if they’re open to guest posters. But searching for these opportunities can take time – and you may not find every site that would be a good fit for your post.

Guest Post Tracker takes the guesswork out of guest posting. With a list of so many blogs that accept guest posts, GuestPostTracker offers the tools you need to find sites for guest posting, make submissions and track them – all from one convenient dashboard. We make it easy to search for posting opportunities and manage your posts, so you can start building your online authority today.

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