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The Top Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Faith Site


If you’re looking to bring more traffic to your faith site, write guests posts. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing guest posts for your faith site.


As a believer in a Higher Power, you want to do everything you can to spread the word about your faith.


It’s one of the biggest reasons why you created your faith site in the first place.


And though you get a decent amount of traffic and have a loyal following, you want to understand how to improve your content marketing strategy to bring even more people to your faith site.


While things like strong website design, mobile-friendliness, and using the right social media hashtags are all important. You should also consider writing a guest post on other popular and well-respected faith websites and online communities.


But how does guest blogging help to bring more traffic to your own faith site?


Keep on reading this post to find out.


1. You’ll Increase Your Site’s Authority


Think about some of your favorite faith-based websites to visit.


These are the websites that provide you with valuable information, help you to stay in-the-know about upcoming events, and even help to pick you up when you’re having a tough time.


In short?


You have a relationship with these websites. You trust them, value the things they write about, and see them as a strong voice and leader within your faith community.


When you publish a guest post on one of these websites, people will feel the same thing about your faith site. You’ll show your readers and site visitors that you have connections with some of the biggest influencers in your community.


This means that you’ll be able to get more consistent traffic coming back to your website and that people will be more likely to share your content as a result.


2. You’ll Gain More Social Media Followers


You love being able to tweet out some of your favorite Bible verses, or just share a quick message of faith on your social media accounts throughout the day.


However, you often wish that your social media updates were able to reach more people.


Guest blogging can help you to grow your social media follower count naturally without feeling like you have to spam your target market or post several times every day to get results.


That’s because blog content, especially when it’s written for an authoritative and popular site, is highly shareable on social media. Remember that every time someone shares your content, it’s put in front of all their followers, as well.


Plus, you’ll likely be able to include links to your own social media profiles in your author or contributor page.


We know that you’ll love joining the conversation in the comments section on social media and getting the word out about your faith, too.


3. Your Faith Site’s SEO Score Will Improve


You’re constantly looking for ways to improve your faith website’s search engine optimization score.


After all, the first link on Google gets an astounding 33 percent of all traffic.


Developing the right guest posting strategy can help you to get closer than ever before to that coveted number-one spot.


First of all, remember that studying up on the most effective keywords in the faith world will help you to write content on popular topics. Once you know what your market is the most curious about, you’ll be able to write content you know will be read.


Plus, guest posting also gives you the chance to include internal links, or links to your past blog posts or internal site pages, in your content. When people read through your post, they’ll likely click on these links.


This drives serious traffic to your website — and Google will certainly take notice of that. The more traffic, clicks, and time that people spend on your website? The higher you’ll rise in the search engine results.


4. You Can Connect with Others in Your Faith Community


One of the most rewarding aspects of writing a guest post?


It allows you to form deep and lasting connections with other people in your faith community.


When someone reads and responds to your post, you can instantly begin to form a relationship with them. They might ask you to become a part of a prayer chain, invite you to faith-based events, or even want to form a social media partnership with you.


These kinds of relationships can quickly strengthen both your digital and in-person marketing plan.


To make the right connections, you might even consider sending your guest post to popular social media influencers and leaders within the faith community.


Including an external link back to their website (as long as they aren’t one of your competitors) is also an excellent way to get the attention of other faith websites you want to work with.


Use Guest Posting to Bring More Traffic to Your Faith Site


As you can see, there are countless benefits to harnessing the powers of guest posting for your faith site.


Not only does guest blogging improve your overall SEO score and help you to get more followers on social media.


Most importantly, it allows you to interact directly with your target audience — and help them to strengthen their own faith as a result.


Of course, we understand that, as much as you’d love to have the time and the connections to manage your own guest posting strategy, sometimes, you just can’t handle it all on your own.


That’s where we can help.


Learn more about the guest posting services that we have to offer, and get in touch with us when you’re ready to try them out for yourself.