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How Writing Guest Posts Can Take Your Motherhood Site to New Levels


Growing your motherhood site is easier than you think. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your motherhood site.


Are you a mommy blogger? Do you love to share stories of your family and other families alike?


Unfiltered adventures of motherhood are never dull (you can testify). But are you looking for something to drive even more traffic to your site?


If you have a motherhood site and want to take it to the next level, you need to consider guest posting. Now is the time to work on your strategy for 2019, and guest posting is the first tactic to put on your list. Here’s why.


Why Guest Post for Your Motherhood Site?


You have a lot to balance. Besides generating content and posting on Instagram or Facebook, you’re marketing your specific brand.


Mommy blogger is an outdated term because what you do is so much more. You and others like you are influencing your followers to try new brands and be the best you can be at what you do.


What makes you different from others in the influencer marketing industry? You’ll know all about guest posting when you get to the bottom of the page.


Then your site will get more hits than ever before. Here’s why guest posting is the best thing you can do for your site.


Direct Traffic with Backlinks and a Bio Page


Backlinks used to be easier to create to drive more traffic to your site. All you had to do was as a webmaster to link to you.


These days, though, Google filters out all those backlinks as not legitimate if it’s not on a similar site with a topic like yours. They can also usually tell if you asked for a link in exchange for what you gave them, like an image. The webmaster should be the one making the final decision about whether to give you a backlink.


Instead, guest posts are a great way to get backlinks. They are natural and don’t get flagged by search engines as illegitimate if they’re done well.


The questionable backlinks won’t matter when you put good content on other sites. They’ll link back to your motherhood site.


Most other pages will also give you a bio page when you write a guest post for them. This is a great way to get a backlink, too. These work best when you guest post on sites like yours, so the readers will have an interest in what you have to offer.




A guest post gets your name and brand out there in front of more people. They start to associate your name with a need or an action.


When you guest post, you reach an audience who may not know who you are yet. But you can be certain they already want what you provide if you choose the right place for your guest post. You completely cut out the problem of finding the right audience and go right to the hook.


More Results


If you’ve already developed some strong content for your site, then you have plenty to link back to. Guest posting will actually drive more traffic to your page than posting again on your own site.


Consistent publishing on your site is still very important. But you can focus on posting on other pages more than you ever have. You need more people to see the content you already have.


How To Find Sites For Your Guest Posts


Start with what you already know. Chances are you follow other motherhood sites. Either you are friends with them, admire their content, or need ideas from them.


Check that they have a good following and legitimate blog posts. They should have a similar audience that your site does, and the content on each site should offer both audiences something they can use. If it’s not mutually beneficial, they doubtless won’t go for it – and why should they?


If everything checks out, why not contact the webmaster?


Propose a Guest Post


The best way to pitch a guest post is to remind them of all the advantages, both for them and for you. Be specific, and include a title and keyword and a few sentences of a teaser for your post.


You should also build an email signature that includes links to all your social media sites. Do your best to show them who your audience is and prove that your following warrants their interest.


Try to choose a topic that is unique, and make sure it doesn’t mirror anything else on their site already. The one thing you should mimic, though, is the tone of voice their blog posts use. They are more likely to accept your post if it sounds like what they already publish minha resposta.


Another way to locate great sites for guest posts is to become a member of Guest Post Tracker and use our list. It’s vetted, and when you become a member, you get access to even more options. We secure all the relationships with our guest post sites using manual outreach to real people.


Let’s Get Down To Business


Get ready to fill more workshops and see your kickbacks from sponsored content hit the roof. Your motherhood site is ready for your guest posts.


It’s time to share your tips and tricks for balancing your career and motherhood. Niche markets like this are great for guest posting. You’ll start improving your branding right away.


For more help with guest posting and building your brand, try our guest post service.