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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Careers Site


Did you know that guest posts can help take your careers site to the next level? Read on to learn about the benefits of writing guest posts.


You’re driven by your passion to help others discover their own. But don’t forget to focus on making your careers site the best it can be.


This includes driving traffic, growing your domain scores, and establishing yourself as an authority on career building.


If you want to hit all three of these goals at once, it’s time to seriously consider the benefits of guest posting.


But what is guest posting? What kinds of websites should you post on? How can guest posting make your website better? Get the answers to these questions and more with this complete guide to guest posting for career sites.


What is Guest Posting?


By definition, guest posting is creating a post for someone else’s website. But it’s also a powerful method for branding, marketing, and SEO.


Let’s start with branding.




When you think of branding, you probably think of logos, web design, and taglines. But authority and trustworthiness are two frequently overlooked aspects of branding.


Brand loyalty starts with trust. Think about what your favorite brands do to keep your loyalty. Do you trust their experts, videos, and written material?


If the answer is yes, that means you view that brand as an authority on a subject. Take the same approach with your careers site and start to think of yourself as an ‘authority’ in your niche.


Offer valuable advice, cite your sources, provide evidence, and create engaging, shareable content on your site to establish your authority in the career niche.


By guest posting as a true authority on job seeking, you’ll entice more readers to visit your site. You’ll have something of value to offer than someone who isn’t passionate or active in the niche.


In turn, guest posting will help build your authority even more as you attract new visitors from these sites.




Once you’ve established yourself as an authority in the career niche, include guest posts in your broader content marketing plan. This way, you can really experience the benefits of strategic guess posting.


Outreach will play a significant role here. Without professional outreach, you run the risk of posting on sites that are irrelevant, spammy, or untrustworthy in the eyes of Google.


Furthermore, you may miss significant guest posting opportunities without the help of outreach expertise. This expertise will also help you build a solid network of sites for your content marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to strategies that help improve a website’s rank and search engines.


Several types of strategies fall under the umbrella of SEO. In fact, the branding and marketing tips discussed are forms of search engine optimization.


Building your authority and content generates ranking signals that help your website perform better in search engines.


But let’s get down to the technical stuff.


SEO also refers to backlinks, metrics, and domain authority.


Being an authority in your niche as one thing, but your own domain has an authority score of its own! This is called Domain Authority or DA. This is a special metric provided by MOZ which represents the overall ‘health’ of your site. The higher your DA, the healthier your site.


What does this have to do with guest posting? Everything.


When you post your link on healthy high DA sites, this is called a backlink. Backlinks are one of the top ranking factors Google uses to determine your website’s ranking.


Not only do these healthy backlinks improve your ranking, but they also improve your DA score as well!


It’s important to remember that you want dofollow backlinks. Google search crawlers “follow” dofollow links. Whereas, links marked as no follow are not intended to influence rankings.


Social Media


Is your social media game feeling a little weak? Give your careers site a major boost with guest posting!


Many quality guest posting sites have an active social media presence. When you post on their site, they share to all their active social media followers.


This means more shares and exposure for your website. But what you may not know is that social media engagements are also considered ranking signals by Google. Proving again, the optimization power of guest posting.


Guest posting also gives you more content to work with for your own social media channels. Take this opportunity to forge stronger partnerships with guest posting sites that are giving you major metric boosts.


Drive Traffic


As you leverage guest posting to benefit your brand, marketing, SEO, and social media, you’ll soon notice more traffic to your site.


Sites that publish more than 16 pieces of content a month receive more than three times the amount of web traffic!


But don’t forget that original content is still king. Getting your post on a high-traffic site one thing. Your guest posts must be written and formatted to inspire clicks, shares, and comments.


This means creating long-form content with compelling visuals, small paragraphs, valuable tips and sources, and scannable formats.


Studies show the following types of guest posts drive the most web traffic:

  • • List articles or listicles
  • • Q&A articles with experts
  • • Relevant industry news
  • • Content articles with memes
  • • Opinion pieces
  • • Guest posts with infographics


Remember these content types as you craft guest posts for your careers site. This will help you get the most out of your guest posting strategy.


Next Step for Your Careers Site


You know you have what it takes to be the #1 careers site on Google. But you’re not the only one with the drive.


Now that you understand the benefits of guest posting, it’s time to start taking advantage. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for your competition to outrank you.


Start now with professional guest posting outreach, or talk to an expert to pursue the best plan of action for your career site.


Need more inspiration to improve your brand, marketing, and rankings?


Keep this guide on hand as you develop a strategy and check back often for the latest tips for leveraging guest posting.