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The Benefits of Writing a Guest Post for Your Wedding Site


If there’s one thing that can help your wedding site, it’s guest posts. Read on to learn about the benefits of writing a guest post for your wedding site.


Believe it or not, a study found that 87% of folks in the United States are believers of true love. In fact, in the same survey, 22% of participants said they were “passionately in love.”


No wonder then, that back in 2017, there were about 60.8 million married couples. That’s more than a 20 million increase from the 40.2 million back in 1960.


In any case, these figures show us that people still value love and marriage above other things. And you being one of them is the likely reason you’ve decided to put up your own wedding site.


You want to share your expertise when it comes to tying the knot, such as picking the right venue or the best gown. But these nuggets of wisdom will go to waste if people don’t know your site exists.


This is where guest blogging comes into play. Read on to learn how this can help your site!


The Lowdown on Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is a strategy used by blog owners to boost their site’s traffic. They write quality content for other websites relevant to their niche. In your case, you’ll write a wedding-related piece and publish it on another site.


Now, this may have had you thinking that it only benefits the other website. Granted, the other site will get quality content from you. But the fact that you can point back to your site with an inbound link (more on this later!) benefits you too.


So, as you can see, guest posting benefits both parties. For the blogger, this means having an inbound link to their site in the guest post. For the site where the post appears, this means publishing quality content.


Guest Posts for Your Wedding Site Are Key to Getting More Inbound Links


Links are one of the top three factors that search engine giant Google uses for ranking. To be more specific, links that point back to one’s website.


This means that for your wedding website to rank high on Google, you need inbound links or backlinks. These are web links appearing on another website that direct back to your site. The link’s landing page can be any of the pages you have on your website.


This can be one of your blog posts, contact page, about page, or product/service page. The important thing is, it points to a page relevant to the content of the guest post. Links are important to rank in Google, but the quality is as crucial.


Let’s say you’ll write a guest post about the top 10 coolest event venues in Wisconsin. That’s the easy part. The tricky part is how to make your inbound link look natural.


One way is to point it to one of your own site’s blog posts talking about something similar. A good example is one that talks about venues in Wisconsin too. You only need to use an appropriate anchor text (words or phrases you’ll embed your inbound URL with).


In this case, you may want to use the anchor text, “coolest Wisconsin wedding venues.” Again, this is only an example. What’s important is for your anchor text to look natural and to point to a page with appropriate content.


Inbound Links from Guest Posts Can Boost Your Site’s Traffic


When readers click on the inbound link you used in your guest post, it’ll bring them straight back to your site. That’s traffic for your site right there!


Of course, you need to follow the rules of guest posting, like the ones we’ve mentioned above. You wouldn’t want to use an inbound link to wedding shoes if your anchor text is “wedding venues.”


The last thing you want is to annoy readers by pointing them to a page that’s got nothing to do with the anchor text.


Guest Blogging Exposes Your Site to More People


Keep in mind that there are around 1.8 billion websites (as of January 2018) out there. Granted, not all are about weddings. But if you Google “wedding blogs,” you’ll see that you have a lot of other competitor sites.


That’s why you need to up your ante when it comes to your content marketing strategy. You need to expose your site to more people so they know your site exists. Guest blogging lets you do this.


How so?


First, it exposes your site to the other website’s already-existing following. What’s more, if you guest blogged for an established site, you can rest assure it already has many readers. That means a bigger audience for your guest posts!


It Boosts Your Trustworthiness and Credibility


Writing a guest post can also boost your credibility. Keep in mind that blog readers trust their sources so much that 61% of them bought something because of a post. So, you appearing on their favorite sites will make them look at you with trust too.


It’s also for this reason that bloggers in many other sectors use guest posting to their advantage. There are the finance bloggers as well as health and lifestyle bloggers. But the truth is, anyone who owns a website and wants more exposure and credibility should guest post.


Guest Posting Showcases Your Expertise


Writing high-quality content for your guest posts is key to proving your expertise. This is especially true if your wedding website is still new. If no one knows your website, you’ve got no one to prove how experienced and great a wedding writer you are.


That’s why becoming a regular guest blogger can help you establish a name for yourself online. Let would-be husbands and wives know your website can help them prepare to tie the knot.


Make Your Wedding Website Known to the World ASAP


Keep in mind that WordPress alone publishes 69.3 million new posts every month. That should prompt you to start writing guest posts right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you can expose your wedding site to more people.


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