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SEOJet Review – How I Used SEOJet and Guest Posts To Get Top 10 Rankings For Everything

So often people ask me if there is a controlled way to build rankings on Google.

In other words, they want to know if they can build rankings without leaving it all to whether or not people like their content enough to link to it.

Let’s be honest, hoping that someone else will link to your content, although probably the right way to do things, is a terrible business strategy.

In my 15 years of doing SEO professionally I have always been about building backlinks with a purpose.

So when I launched Guest Post Tracker just over a year ago I knew I needed an awesome link building plan in place that would help me not only target the key phrases I wanted to rank for but also build a brand Google would trust.

I wanted to make sure I would steadily climb the rankings while building a backlink profile that would be immune from Google updates.

Before I outline my strategy for you I want to tell you about the 2 outside websites that I used and will refer to a lot.


First is SEOJet, which is link management software that helps you easily build out #1 rank link profiles for all of the pages you care about. It builds link maps for all of your pages that literally tell you which links to get next to match other #1 ranking link profiles (I own and built this software).


Second is FatJoe, which is a blogger outreach company. When I don’t have time to do my own guest posts these are the guys I go to (and I go to them a lot). They do a good job of guest posting for me on relevant blogs. I have no affiliation with them, I just like what they do.

I am going to show you how I used these two sites together to create the perfect link building system. It isn’t my purpose necessarily to do a review of SEOJet or FatJoe, but simply to show what I did and how well it worked.

I’ll also show you how I was able to get top 3 rankings with 70% less links using these two sites together.

My SEO Strategy

I had three main parts to my SEO strategy.

  1. Build brand trust with Google
  2. Own each of my category specific searches on Google
  3. Create SEO Power Pages to cover my topic thoroughly and link to them like crazy

I knew that doing these three things would get me some serious traction with Google so this was the three pronged approach I went with.

1. Building trust with Google

If Google doesn’t trust your website, it’s not going to rank. It really is that simple.

Well how the heck do you build trust with Google?

The best way to learn how to do that is to reverse engineer it.

Who do we know that Google trusts? Big brands.

Google trusts big brands because these companies get links naturally.

They have huge audiences, they are newsworthy and there is often serious brand loyalty.

All of these things mean natural links.

And how do the majority of people link to a big brand?

They link to the home page using either the brand name or some form of the URL as the anchor text.

In fact 65%-90% of home page links are either the brand or url as the anchor.

So the very first thing I did when I launched Guest Post Tracker is I started getting a lot of branded and URL links.

This is exactly how SEOJet sets up link maps for your home page. A ton of branded and URL links and a few keyword specific links.

So I was literally just following what SEOJet laid out for me as the link building plan on my home page.

Where did I get the links?

I knew that in order to build real authority with Google I needed to get some links from other authority sites.

So I started out by guest blogging on bigger business blogs.

I used Guest Post Tracker’s list of blogs to find higher authority sites like Business.com, Business2Community.com, SocialMediaToday.com etc, all with the intent of brand building.

Once that initial wave of links hit I knew I needed a lot of good branded links to gain Google’s trust so I kept building links using FatJoe’s blogger outreach service.

I use FatJoe because they have good writers, they set the guest posts up the right way and they only work with legitimate bloggers.

When I use FatJoe together with SEOJet it becomes extremely easy to build backlinks the way Google wants.

So I would literally look at my home page link map on SEOJet, see what the next couple of links were and then have FatJoe do the blogger outreach for me.

Because SEOJet’s home page link maps are built out to automatically build trust and authority with Google it took all of the guesswork out of the process.

I didn’t limit myself to just one link at a time. When link building for SEO, especially for the home page, if you follow the link maps you can be pretty aggressive.

I knew once Google trusted my site, all of the other SEO I was doing on other pages would have a much greater affect.

2. Own Category Specific Searches

If I have learned anything over the last 15 years it is that long tail key phrases always convert better than broad more competitive keywords.

This is why I separated Guest Post Tracker’s list of 1000+ guest blogging sites into categories.

I knew that someone looking for “fitness blogs that accept guest posts” would be more likely to sign up than someone who searched “guest post”.

So I did my keyword research and chose the categories that were being searched the most and these became my categories.

My goal was to rank top 3 if anyone searched “{category name} guest post” or “{category name} blogs that accept guest posts”.

In order to get these pages to the top 3 (they almost all are top 3 now), I used two main strategies.

First, I used SEOJet’s sub page feature to build link maps for these pages because most of these category pages don’t have a ton of content so it wouldn’t seem natural to have a bunch of links pointing directly to each page.

With the Sub page link maps on SEOJet it had me build 4 or 5 links to the category page and then stack each of those links like crazy (build links to my links, also known as tiered linking).

Here is what a typical sub page link map looks like:

The blue tables are links to my category page, the yellow are 2nd tier links and the green are 3rd tier links.

I know it looks kind of crazy but basically this is really all it is:

Essentially what is happening here is we are supercharging the few links that point back to my site.

This strategy also works for ecommerce product pages and other pages where there isn’t a ton of content.

Again on this I would go out and get my Primary Links (the links that pointed to my pages) from FatJoe as a DA20+ or DA30+ link.

Then for the 2nd and 3rd tier links I would have FatJoe get me DA10+ to DA20+ links.

When the tiered links would go live I would usually throw some social signals at them to make sure Google found the link quickly.

The second strategy I implemented to get these category pages ranking high was I internal linked to them from my power pages.

This part of my SEO strategy was connected to the 3rd and final prong of my 3 pronged SEO approach.

3. Create Amazing SEO Power Pages

One of the most effective SEO strategies that I use to boost rankings on my site is building out SEO power pages.

A power page is typically a blog post with a ton of meaty content. For me these will be at least 2000 words long but can be much longer. In fact I have one power page that has 10,000 words on it.

I create these pages for three reasons.

  1. If I build out awesome content, I can build links to it as often and as fast as I want and as long as I follow a natural link profile Google is totally fine with it. (This is why the link maps for power pages are much bigger)
  2. I want to make sure I cover the topic of my website as thoroughly as possible because Google loves to rank topic authorities.
  3. After I boost up the SEO value of these pages I use them to pass SEO juice to my other pages like my category pages.

For me building backlinks is the most important thing you can do for SEO.

So when I created my power pages for Guest Post Tracker I started building links to them like crazy.

I was sure to target at least 1 or 2 key phrases I wanted to rank for on each power page and then I used SEOJet’s power page link maps to build out a #1 ranked link profile.

The link maps for the power pages are much different than the Home page link map. These link maps target much more aggressively the key phrases you are trying to rank for, but they do it in an extremely natural way (read: very few exact match anchors).

Because of the high number of links I wanted to get to these pages I just kept going back to FatJoe and had them do blogger outreach for me to fill out my link maps.

Because I was building backlink profiles that were proven with SEOJet I started seeing results really quickly.

The other awesome thing that happened was that as the SEO power was building from all of the links pointing to the power pages, I was passing that value to my category pages.

As soon as I added links to my category pages from my power pages, my rankings jumped significantly.

When I say significantly I mean from page 2 or the bottom of page 1 to the top 3 of Google.

What is awesome about that is most of my category pages have no links pointing to them.

Yet many of them rank #1 on Google.

Here you can see my Real Estate category page ranking #1 on Google and this page has very little content and no links pointing to it.

But it does have a ton of link juice hitting it from my power pages.

Top 3 Results With Only 8 Links

I mentioned that I started seeing top 3 results pretty quickly.

On one of my power pages, over a few months I had gotten 8 links pointing to the page (7 from FatJoe). By that point I had already made it to the top 3 of Google for 3 of my 5 key phrases I was targeting.

What was so crazy is that when I looked at how many links the other 5 websites above and below me had pointing to their websites I knew I was on to something special.

Using SEOJet as the link road map and the super high quality links from FatJoe I was able to get to the top 3 with 70% less links.

That’s crazy.

Here is what the link map looked like inside of SEOJet. I keep track of where I get the links from, you will see there is a lot of FatJoe circled.

You can also see that we do a lot of tiered linking to add value to each and every link we get.

(Note: I have since added about 10 more links to this link map.)

An Overview Of My Link Building

This is a screen shot of my main dashboard in SEOJet:

You can see that I have my 5 power pages there and then some of my sub pages.

So as I build backlinks I will come in here and choose one or more page I want to build links to and then go right to their respective link maps and choose the anchors from the maps.

It is super simple because I can quickly see my progress with each of my link maps and the software tells me which key phrases I have used in my links and how often:

So I can quickly choose which key phrase to include in my anchor text when the link map tells me to use a key phrase.

Once I have chosen my key phrase I go order it from FatJoe and then tag that link as “In Progress” and move onto to the next link.

SEO Results

Here is a snap shot of some of the key phrases I rank on page 1 for:

Again I want to reiterate that Guest Post Tracker is just barely a year old.

During the last 13 months of link building I acquired on average between 6-9 backlinks per month and of those links 1-2 were tiered links. I also built links to an average of about 3-5 pages each month.

I could have gone faster with the link building but because I was testing how SEOJet worked I wanted to make sure I took my time and built it out slowly.

Obviously the rankings continue to move and shift as I continue building out my link maps and getting relevant backlinks.

The reality is I have a very simple system in place.

I use SEOJet to find out which links to get next, then I order the blogger outreach links I need.

It frees up so much time and makes the SEO process pretty mindless.

I definitely can’t argue with the results.


  1. پرورش قارچ Reply

    very nice. Thanks for sharing this case study. I will try this strategy on my own sites.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      پرورش قارچ, Im glad you enjoyed it. Let me know how it works out for you.

  2. steve keller Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Adam. I just began using this exact same strategy (SEO Jet and FatJoe) on about 3 of my sites recently. I love the simplicity and will report back with my results as the data comes in. Really nice to see you having these type of results and it all makes total sense.

    One question… What ratio of links are you sending to the home page versus other pages (sub pages/power pages)? Do you use any set numbers or just always spread it out to make it look as natural as possible?

    Great post!


    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Steve, thanks for the comment. I dont have a set ratio that I use but over the last year for Guest Post Tracker I built about 7.5 links per month to the site and that was to an average of 4 different page in the site. So I spread out the love quite a bit.

  3. Great content Adam. Very simple easy to use steps. I am already implementing SeoJet and going to start using FatJoe as I saw a few of their links and they are very clean and relevant. Keep up the hard work 🙂

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Mark, thanks for the comment. Let me know how it goes with these two sites together.

  4. Another amazing post Adam. I am always looking for a competitive advantage for myself and for my clients. This will serve me well to create the most value in the work that I am doing. I look forward to seeing more content like this.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Doug, thanks for the kind words. This SEO strategy really does work.

  5. From my years of experience in SEO you have the right message and strategy here. Google is very interested in Relevance, Trust and Authority (Backlinking)… and at a certain point in your own SEO game plan you are going to start to rely on professional tools to start streamlining your process to help your website get ranked higher in SERPs, in less time.

    I believe SEOjet is here at the right time to get an edge over your backlinking process, your competitors, and avoid any Google Penalties that can really harm a business’ online success. The SEO landscape gets more competitive each day and who wouldn’t want MORE RANK in LESS TIME?? Adam has laid out a pretty solid game plan with this tool, Get some real power behind your next seo campaign and trust is the name of the game.


    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      SEOBANK, thanks for the kind words. I should take that and use it as a testimonial somewhere. 🙂 SEOJet does help protect you from unnatural link building and helps you move up in the rankings faster as well. It has been working really well.

  6. James Njunge Reply

    Great post. I will definitely try out the two sites for my link building practice. Guest post tracker works very well by the way. Thanks for taking time to create these softwares

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      James, thanks for the comment. I’m glad Guest Post Tracker has been working for you.

  7. Excellent article Adam. Anyone ignoring this strategy is crazy! I have done the same thing more or less for years except my approach has not been as precise and safe as what you are proposing. I’m into SEOjet now for 2 weeks and never felt more confident about the future of our rankings!!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Jim, thats great to hear. If you keep to the link maps your clients will love you.

  8. Interesting Adam! I’ve heard of Fatjoe for quite some time now. Thanks for sharing! Are you still using this strategy until now?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Emmerey Rose, Yeah I still use this strategy. Its what is working right now.

  9. Excellent article. I have been using fatjoe for a while now and it was via a news email from them that I found your site. I must say great info here and I think my next step will be to take a look at SEOJet.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Befuddled, thanks for the comment. Let me know how it goes with SEOJet.

  10. Great article Adam, I’ve just watched the demo of SEOJet and I’m excited to try it on some test sites. A quick question for you if I may, when you start a new project in SEOJet, does the program go and look at the profile of the sites at the top of the listings for your particular keywords and create the link maps from there, or is it a generic formula it uses across all niches?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      GetGoing, thanks for the question.

      We were very deliberate about not making the link maps keyword or niche specific.

      We did this because every niche is completely different in their knowledge of SEO and how they link build. For example, the SEO niche does it a lot different than the quilting niche, and the gambling niche is much different than both of those niches.

      Because the last thing we want to do is give you a link map in an industry where the #1 ranked site doesn’t really know SEO and or they are doing something black-hat that could get you in trouble, we create link maps based on aggregate data from all niches.

      This gives us a more complete picture of exactly what Google wants because we are able to step back and view what a natural link profile should be across all niches. It also protects yours or your clients websites in case you happen to fall in an industry where your competitors are getting away with some shady SEO.

      This way forces you to do it the right way and build long term results.

      I hope that clears it up for you.

  11. What type of DA websites did you purchase from Fat Joe?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Rahat, it was always a good mix of da10, da20 and da30 but when they pointed to my own site probably 70% were da30+.

  12. Hi Adam, great post, and what looks like a great tool in SEO Jet.

    I do have some minor concerns, that I hope you can help answer.

    Dependent on the niche or industry, every ’ideal’ backlink profile is different.. it depends on the competition within that niche. What works for some industries, won’t work for others.

    Secondly, some of the KW’s you rank in top spots for are non-competitive.. i.e. (based on Moz US data);

    dental guest post: difficulty 2

    guest post real estate: difficulty 8

    home guest post: difficulty 9

    legal guest post: difficulty 16

    Based on this MOZ data it seems like you could probably rank for these keywords without many backlinks.

    From experience I know that the Moz data is a bit hit and miss (at best), you’re probably getting a hell of a lot of traffic from this KW strategy. Would be interesting to know the figures to compare the Moz data.

    I would love for you to help me understand, I really need a service that will take the guess work out of planning backlinks.. I’m just hoping SEO Jet is the one 🙂

    All the best, look forward to your response.


    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Lee, thanks for the questions and I appreciate your concern.

      To answer your first question, we actually quite deliberately take a one size fits all approach to building out link maps. Like you said each industry has a differing level of knowledge and aggressive behavior toward SEO. There are some gray-hat or even black-hat methods that others are using in certain niches that might currently be working but should not be copied. There are other industries where they don’t know SEO very well and their SEO “strategy” or lack thereof should not be copied either.

      SEOJet is built to help you build out a long lasting natural backlink profile. So instead of only looking at your industry we look at each and every industry and compare what the backlink profiles of #1 ranked sites in each industry have in common. This gives us a much more holistic view at what Google actually wants to see because they are showing us these correlations across all industries. That is how the link maps are built, and why they work.

      In answer to your keyword difficulty questions, the keywords you listed there are low difficulty and we rank with 0 backlinks and almost no content. That is one of the main points of the case study. We build power pages, build awesome links to those power pages and then link out to our smaller pages to pass the SEO value so we dont have to build external links to them. Either way we get traffic from those phrases and are happy to rank for them.

      Feel free to request a demo of SEOJet and I can answer any more of your questions.

      1. Thanks Adam, the answers make a lot of sense.

        The holisitc approach is actually a clever way to look at it, and I love the idea of the power pages.

        Will book a demo soon.

        All the best, Lee.

  13. Informative! Interesting! post for improving website ranking… I learned a great deal from it .Truly appreciate this since I am a newbie to seo..Keep updating new post.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Tailor, glad you learned something. Best of luck with your SEO!

  14. Gene Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Your system sounds reliable, but how well with it work with most competitive niches?
    How would you evaluate competiviness before even considering a niche posible to rank for?
    How sure can we be to deliver positive results to a client?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Gene, thanks for the question. SEOJet was built to work with all niches no matter how easy or competitive. That is because we take a holistic view of backlink profiles and see what every niche and category have in common. Then we build out link maps to help you match those characteristics. In more competitive niches you might have to get more links than a smaller niche, but you should be able to compete with less links than your competitors.

  15. Lina Reply

    Thanks for sharing information.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Lina, you are welcome.

  16. Umair Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Is the optin system on SEOJet broken?

    I did not get the Demo Email.

    Is SEO positioned for people with clients or is there a price tier for individuals with one website only?

  17. Umair Reply

    Sorry, I meant is SEOJET positioned for people with clients or is there a price tier for individuals with one website only?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Hey Umair, sorry about that. It looks like we got you scheduled. We do have a plan for individuals.

  18. Annu Reply

    Hi Adam,
    I had a query regarding this line –
    “I used SEOJet’s sub page feature to build link maps for these pages because most of these category pages don’t have a ton of content ”
    Here, what do you mean by category pages, are these the website category pages or the blog post categories from where we have got links?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Annu, GuestPostTracker.com has a ton of category pages. We categorize all of the blogs on our list so there is a “real estate guest blogging sites” page and a “fitness guest blogging sites” page etc. This is what I meant by category pages. None of these page in my site have a lot of content so they weren’t put in the SEO Power Page section.

  19. Just checked out fatjoe, u should have a referral code;-) Looks like simple, easy, and a great service.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Seriously. I wish they had one for me.

  20. I was looking for fatjoe reviews and found this. Great find. Not only answered my question on if trying fat joe was a good idea. But now I’m going to look into that seojet. I was also thinking about trying to do some guest posts for my personal weight loss/life blog so now I can check out the guest post tracker site. Maybe you’ll talk about writing good guest posts and when and how to outsource them.
    Great article.

  21. Adam White
    This is a beautiful article, thanks for sharing with all..

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Pralay, thanks for the compliment. Im glad you enjoyed it.

  22. Many thanks for this. Two questions.

    1. If the category pages are important – then why not add the list of category pages to ALL pages?
    2. As the links are not ‘surrounded’ by ‘relevant’ content – why not simply add the category list to be a drop-down list on the navigation bar?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Neil, thanks for the questions. In answer to your first question I think it becomes a matter of usability. The way the categories are integrated on the power pages makes sense from a user standpoint. Also, those are the page with the SEO value. Not sure how much I would get out of adding them to smaller pages.

      In answer to your second question, they actually are a part of the content. You have to remember that Google is looking at the code of the page, not what users see. The links are placed right into the body of the blog post. Typically you would make the internal links contextual within the copy of the post, not a list of links like I have done. In my case it just made sense.

  23. Ling Reply

    hi Adam, thanks for this informative post – this certainly gave us a lot of insights into how we should be building our links moving forward.. will give SEOJet a try..

    I have 2 questions though, how does the following work with regard to SEOJet:

    1) If I want to rank my key phrases for a particular country, say ‘web design Bangkok’? I just need to choose my key phrases to include the ‘country’ – am I right?

    2) What if I want to rank for key phrases without the ‘country’ word, but I want my business to come from a particular country? For instance, I want to rank for ‘web design’, but I only want businesses from Thailand to find me?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Ling, in general I tell people to not use country or city names in your anchor text. You can do good on-page SEO to let Google know where you are geographically but putting those into your anchor text isnt very natural. You can do it every now and again but the majority of your links shouldn’t have it.

  24. Ling Reply

    Thanks for your reply, Adam!

  25. Four questions: 1 – Can you contrast on compare your SEOJet with SEO Powersuite (specifically LinkAssistant) . 2- Have you tested your process with highly competitive search terms in say, Fitness, Weight Loss, Insurance, Make Money…etc. niches? 3 – Do you offer this process as a service? If so, do you hand over the keys (logins, passwords) when it’s set and stable?

    1. Follow up question – Do you have a course that goes with your SEOjet (more instructive than this post)?

      1. Adam White Post author Reply

        Kevin, I have put together a document called SEOJet Methodology that I email to you when you join SEOJet. That has seemed to be pretty helpful for our users.

    2. Adam White Post author Reply

      Kevin, great questions. SEOJet is totally unique in the SEO world because it takes the backlink data from #1 ranked sites and uses that to help you build out a matching #1 ranked backlink profile. It tells you what anchor text to use for every link.

      We don’t currently offer it as a service but there are a ton of SEO agencies using the software that could help you.

      1. Thank you Adam. Not just for your answers. But for being real. This industry is filled with so many charlatans, it’s easy to spot a man with integrity from a mile away. You have just made it to my favorite list.

        One last question before I buy SEOJet. If I didn’t use a service like FatJoe or similar (who would give me a list of verified backlinks) , would I still need a software like LinkAssistant to confirm/verify backlinks. I guess what Im saying is that in your video it looked like one confirms the existence of backlinks and then checks the box in SEOJet.

        Thanks again Adam.

        1. Adam White Post author Reply

          Kevin, Im happy to have made the non-charlatan list. 🙂 Most of the links I get that are not from FatJoe I still typically go out and get myself through guest posting so I know when they place and can enter them into SEOJet. I also use a service called Brand Mentions that emails me when someone mentions my brand name. But if you are getting a good number of links naturally then you might want to use a service that will find those for you. SEOJet connects to Ahrefs so that is the other tool I use.

  26. I’ve used Fat Joe in the past, but had never heard of SEOJet before now. I know it’s important to keep track of the anchor text in backlinks and ensure that certain keyphrases aren’t overused., but does SEOJet allow you to enter a disavow list, so that disavowed links aren’t taken into account in the reporting?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      FreshWebz, that is a feature we are adding to SEOJet in the next big update. So you can upload the disavow list to SEOJet just as you would to Google and we will not count those links toward your backlink profile.

  27. Micheal Allen Reply

    Very informative article Adam thank you for sharing this, I will be signing up for this to try it on my sites soon

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Michael, sounds great. Look forward to having you join the community.

  28. Shaun Baird Reply

    Hi Adam, Im using seojet now. When buying links, should I always be aiming to buy the links with the highest Page authority? If yes, thanks.. but wont it look unnatural if all links are from high PA sites?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Shaun, good question. You definitely want to get a good mix of DA and PA. I try to always have a few really high DA sites link to my power pages and then I randomize the rest with the bulk of the links coming in the DA30-50 range.

  29. Unbelievable results, and you are so generous with sharing this with us. Are these considered white hat tactics? Or is it grey? Just asking before I test out to do what you’ve done with my sites. Again, really awesome of you to share your experience. Thank you!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Hazim, the process is trying to build out a natural backlink profile proactively. Not sure how to classify that but it has worked really well for me and many others.

  30. Sofia Williams Reply

    Thanks for this blog post. I will surely move ahead with you tips for my clients. 🙂

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Sofia, it is a great way to build rankings for SEO clients. Let me know how it goes.

  31. Tomy Reply

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks very much for sharing your unselfish experience ,I read it at least 3 times,and I am a user of seojet and guestpostracker.
    There is one question for you, how seojet work if we order article(blog post) from other blog outreach platform?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Tomy, the software works the same regardless of where you get links. The process is just a little more automated if you use our blogger outreach service.

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