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Link Maps – The Future Of SEO

There is a new way to do SEO, and it is through link maps.

Google has said time and time again that they value quality over quantity when it comes to link building.

A contextual link from a high authority relevant site will boost your rankings much more than a 100 links from non related junk sites will.

So what does this have to do with link maps?

What Are Link Maps?

First let me explain what a link map is.

This is a term that I created to describe the way that I do link building (post Google link madness) for high value SEO clients.

It is basically describing what the profile of one link to a website looks like if you were to diagram it.

For example, if I posted a guest post on a high authority blog and in the guest post linked back to my (or my clients) website, this would be the first step in the link map.

It would look like this:


Back in the olden days of link building, this is what a link map for pretty much every link would look like.

But since we know that one quality link can make all the difference with Google we now proactively boost this link to make it even more powerful.

How do we boost the link?

The first thing we do is make sure that this link gets indexed and counted for us. So we share it socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. The more social juice we can pump into the guest post the better.

We also invite people to comment on the post. If the blog is not already socially active enough to generate comments then you need to ask friends and family to post comments and share.

This will show Google that this page is important.

Once we have done this our link map now looks like this:


This is looking much better now but our link map is not finished. There is more we can do to make that first guest post as powerful as possible.

So what is the next step? We build links to our one powerful link, also known as link stacking.

So I would go out to another blog (does not have to be as high authority as the first blog) and do another guest post. Only in this guest post I would link back to the first guest post I did, instead of linking back to my website.

I would also again get social signals pointing to that new second guest post. Again, you and you’re friends need to share, like, comment as much as possible to show Google that the post is real and should be counted.

Your link map would now look like this:


Now it is starting to look like something that can pass you real SEO juice.

But we’re still not done. Let’s stack the link again.

To do this I would go out to yet another related blog and submit another guest post. And like before I would link back to the first guest post (using different anchor text).

I would again get social signals pointing to this new guest post and by going through this link stacking process again I would boost the power of the first link one more time.

My link map would now look like this:


Now you’re probably thinking, “don’t you think this is overkill for just one link?”

Remember, it’s now quality over quantity. Instead of spending our time building hundreds or thousands of links to our website, we spend our time building out twenty five to fifty link maps and we get the same result only it is much more effective now and much safer (more on that later).

So not only is it not overkill, we’re still not done.

In order to ensure that the 2nd tier links that point to my high authority guest post link have power behind them, I am going to stack a link on top of one of those 2nd tier links (and do social signals).

My map now looks like this:

link map

Now you’re probably saying to yourself “OK, OK I get it now. We’re going to stack a link on top of the other 2nd tier link to even it out.”

Actually, this link map is finished. Now there are a million ways you can lay out a link map, but one thing I like to avoid when I develop a link map is symmetry. Symmetry in life is not natural and we are trying to make our link profile look as natural as possible.

In fact the more you mix up how your link maps are formed, the more natural your link profile will be and the better your SEO results will be.

link maps

Now that you know what link maps are, it’s time to start building your link popularity the right way. High authority contextual links, stacked with more links and social signals.

How Does Guest Post Tracker Help With Link Mapping?

Link mapping is a strategy that I created while doing SEO after Google changed the way they dealt with links. I knew I need a strategy that would keep my clients safe from Google updates.

While developing this system of doing SEO I always needed more blogs that accept guest posts to create my link maps. So I started putting together an excel list that I used to keep track of which blogs I had submitted to already.

I also had another spreadsheet that I used to track my link maps.

I decided that as fun as spreadsheets are, I needed more functionality and automation. So I started by building Guest Post Tracker which would help help me easily get links for my link maps.


I’ve since been working on a new tool, developed to help me build and track link maps.


This is how I do the link building for every site.

Want to see how Guest Post Tracker can help you? Click on the button below and get started today:



  1. I’ve only been working on SEO for a short time now. I work with a really good group of people and two mentors who are really one of a kind. They have built a community of people around SEO techniques and strategies that work time and time again no matter what your background is. I must say that is has been an interesting journey but I am enjoying what I am learning about SEO and this industry considering the fact that I didn’t even know SEO was a market prior to March of this year. I think that this technique is very very forward thinking and I know that this effective based upon the other strategies and techniques I have been taught so far. It makes total sense and really is the future of SEO. Thank you for this article is has helped me so much to move forward with learning more about SEO as I build my business. I definitely want to build a business around quality content, links and help local businesses by delivering quality results every time. Long term quality results is what I am after and again I just think this is great. This just blew my mind. Thank you, thank you thank you. Good info.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Shaneeka, Im glad you like it. This strategy has worked really well for me.

  2. Muhammed Reply

    As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

  3. Chris Reply

    How do you build comments and social signals? Manually or do you use a service?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Chris, I have done it both ways. It seems that the safest way is to post it on your own social profiles and then spend a few dollars to promote the post.

  4. Very good article, that help me a lot to build a good SEO, and I don’t need know to spend a fortune on SEO company to get nothing or very bad ROI.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Andy, thats great to hear. I hope you can use this strategy to get great results and ROI.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Clayton, I totally agree. It has worked really well for me. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I have used a very similar strategy to rank an e-commerce website with over 70,000+ Pages, this is a very safe, very powerful link strategy in a post Penguin / Panda world. Link Building Evolved.

  6. Auki Reply

    Seriously Adam, you should have a donate button on your site! In just 45 minutes of reading some of the articles you have here I have learned more valuable SEO tips than in the last year and a half that I have been trying to get the basics under my belt. I’ve always skimmed past link maps as being something you might want to do as an organisational afterthought, it never occurred to me they could be combined with guest blogging to boost the juice.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Auki, you’re welcome to donate anytime. 🙂 Link maps are powerful because you can get way less links to your site and still get results. And each of the links is super organic.

  7. jaydeep Reply

    Nice Article about Link map ! Link map is basically describing what the profile of one link to a website looks like if you were to diagram it.
    You have explained it amazingly. Really an informative and insightful post for all the readers. Keep it up.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Thanks Jaydeep. Now go out and try it.

  8. Interesting post Adam! I haven’t came across with this topic before. Great explanation 🙂

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Emmerey, im glad you liked it.

  9. If this is the case and its true then its mean you have to create links for other as well. Its good if you get a backlink from a page where people talk and share the content on social media. Thanks Adam for explaining in details. I will experiment this and will inform you if I get positive results 🙂

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Yeah, in the end you build links to other peoples websites but it boosts your SEO so its worth it.

  10. Hi Adam,

    Makes complete sense. In the real world, the most successful people are the most connected and love to network (for the most part). So I think Google is taking lessons from that.

    Great post and it makes guest blogging that much more important. How many guests posts have you done, and did you follow this same philosophy with every client/website?


    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Hazim, for one page I usually build 3-4 links a month but that is not a strict rule. It really just depends on the budget. But yes I always follow this strategy with any SEO I do.

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