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What Is A Guest Blogger and Why Is It Important for SEO?

In 2012, there were more than 600 million active websites on the internet. So for you as a business owner or marketer, that means you’re up against a lot of competition.


There are things you can do, though, to make yourself stand out. One of these is guest blogging.


There are lots of benefits to being a guest blogger, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here we’re going to go through what guest blogging is and why it’s important for SEO.


What is a Guest Blogger?

Simply put, guest blogging is contributing a blog post to another person or company’s blog. There are many reasons to guest blog.


First, guest blogging is done to build relationships in your industry. When you do this, you have the chance to network with other bloggers who can be very influential in your industry.


Don’t forget that bloggers can be incredibly influential in your industry and their influence on your target market can be huge. Also keep in mind that you never know how these connections might benefit you in the future.


Another big benefit of guest blogging comes through helping you reach a new audience. When you do this, you are accessing an entire new audience through the host blog.


They are a community who is interested in your company’s industry. And so when you make a pitch to them, you have a large group of people who are eager to learn more.


Also consider that if your article adds value to their life, there’s a large chance they will check out your blog as well to learn more. And this could lead to them becoming a customer in the future.


Last but not least, guest blogging can help you develop a reputation as a leader in your space. Like we discussed, when you write a high quality blog post on someone else’s blog, you’re accessing their audience.


If they like what you have to say, this can grow your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. And whether you’re writing for a company or as an influencer, this can have great benefit for your brand.


For help starting with guest blogging, check out our list of guest blogging sites.


Why is Guest Blogging Important for SEO?

While all of these benefits are important, perhaps the biggest benefit of guest blogging has to do with SEO.


SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of getting your content to rank higher in search results. And one of the biggest factors on your rankings is the quality of your links.


When Google sees powerful domains linking to your site, this tells them that you are reputable and that you can be trusted.


So whenever you write as a guest blogger, be sure that a link is included to your website. Often, this comes as a link in the actual post. Other times, it’s included in the author bio down below.


Either way, this link is hugely important to your site’s SEO. And don’t forget that there are lots of companies out there that can help you with their SEO Marketing Services.


Final Thoughts

There you go! That’s the basic definition of a guest blogger and why they’re important for SEO.


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