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Why Guest Posts Are an Essential Part of Any Digital Marketing Campaign

What if your brand new digital marketing campaign was doomed from the start?

This may sound like a nightmare for any business. However, any digital campaign that doesn’t use guest posts may as well be over before it’s begun.

There are many different reasons to integrate guest posting into your digital marketing campaign min feedback her. However, many businesses are still unsure whether this will boost their business or not.

Still on the fence? Keep reading to discover what guest posts can do for you and your digital campaign!

Get More Subscribers

Before you dive into guest posting, it’s important to establish a goal. In short, what is your ideal outcome from a really good guest post?

For example, you may decide that you want to increase the number of dedicated e-mail subscribers that you have. Providing solid content to a large number of users via a guest post is an awesome way to do this.

Ultimately, consumers will only sign on to your e-mail list if they feel you will regularly have content that is valuable to them. With even a single post on the right site you can establish yourself as a source of content that will benefit these customers on an ongoing basis.

Building Your Brand

Beyond specific subgoals such as getting more e-mail subscribers, there is one overarching goal for guest posting. What is it? Building your brand, of course!

In the eyes of a consumer, your brand’s strength is a sign of how trustworthy you are. Put more simply: people are more likely to choose the name they know over the name that they don’t know.

Guest posting creates a mutually beneficial relationship in which you provide quality content for someone else. In turn, their built-in audience is exposed to your name, your ideas, and your creative vision.

They’ll trust you because they already trust the blog author. And you can leverage that trust into becoming an authoritative brand for an entirely new audience.

The SEO Secret

In many ways, successful guest posting is like threading a needle. That is, you must find a way to benefit both the owner of the blog while still generating additional traffic for your own site.

This is why it’s important to look at guest posting as more of a long-term strategy. Over time, you can embed your guest posts with the kinds of keywords that not only drive traffic to the guest site, but drive traffic to your site as well.

That’s why guest posting is a lot like creating ongoing advertisements for yourself. Leaving a trail of SEO breadcrumbs can, over time, lead interested consumers directly back to your own site!

Bang for Your Buck

One very direct reason to try guest posting is that it offers great potential value. For very little effort and cost, you and your business can see substantial gains!

There is typically no actual cost associated with guest posting. Rather, you as the writer and the site’s owner agree to the post because it is mutually beneficial.

Therefore, a single guest post on a high-profile blog may gain you hundreds of unique hits that you didn’t have before. And that means hundreds of potential leads and sales conversions, all because you took the time to write a single post.

And because of the non-existent cost, it’s very possible to make guest posting part of your digital marketing campaign. If that sounds intriguing, read more here!

Staying Relevant

There is an art to finding the right site to guest post on. Such a site must be relevant to your existing demographic. If it’s not, posting there won’t do anything for you!

On the flip side, finding a popular site that is highly relevant to your readers has a lot of potential benefits. For instance, it further establishes your brand as a provider of custom content for consumers.

Long story not so short? Posting on relevant sites is one of the best ways for your business to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer. And this is the most important element in building a real consumer relationship.

From Lead to Conversion

If done right, guest posting is an amazing way to generate additional leads and conversions. To make this happen, though, you must make sure your guest post and your actual website operate in unison.

A good guest post is a lot like a good movie preview. The post should let people know who you are, what you do, and what your business is all about.

At the same time, though, the guest post should leave interested consumers wanting to know more. In short, they will have questions, and your own website that you link to should provide the answers.

All of this is easier said than done. And it shows the importance of approaching content creation as part of a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Greater Audience Insight

If your business is going to succeed, then you need to understand analytics backward and forwards. However, even the best data analysts understand the need to continuously receive additional data.

Of course, that’s where guest posting comes in. First, you’ll need to consult existing analytics data you have when crafting your guest post. On the most basic level, this helps ensure you are giving the people what they want.

However, the ultimate goal of guest posting is to bring in new potential customers. Therefore, it’s more important than ever before to gather data about their first reactions to your website when they visit.

Remember that guest posting will (hopefully) become a long-term strategy for you. And with each influx of new site visitors comes opportunities to streamline, expand, or otherwise change and improve your website.

Guest posting will open the analytics door. It’s up to you to come inside!

Guest Posts: The Bottom Line

Now you know how beneficial guest posts can be. But do you know where you can get started?

At Guest Post Tracker, we are the ultimate authority in guest posting to blogs. To see how we can boost your business, submit your blog today!