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Blogger Outreach Best Practices – How To Write A Guest Blog Post For SEO

Before I get into the real life example of one guest post that moved my site to #1 on Google, let me tell you the 8 things I did and that you should always do in blogger outreach that will make all the difference with SEO.

I came up with these different criteria, they should be called blogger outreach best practices, that I have found make a difference between a powerful editorial link and a link that provides little SEO value.

When Google looks at a blog they are looking for signals that tell them the blog is legitimate and not just a place for website owners to get links (read: PBN).

If you look at any of the high authority blogs in any niche you will see that any post has certain things that send the signals to the search engines that the blog is legitimate.

Quick Links To All Sections

  1. Include Internal Links
  2. Include Authority Links
  3. Optimize Your Link
  4. Readable Content
  5. Provide Great Content That Paints You As An Expert
  6. Post On Blogs With Good Social Signals
  7. Guest Post On Relevant Blogs
  8. The Pitch

1. Include Internal Links

Internal links, if you’re not already familiar with them, are links from one page of your website to another page of your website. It is a way to increase a users (and search engines) ability to navigate your website.

Typically in a blog you should link from one blog post to another, but in reality you should include several internal links in each post.

The best example of the value of internal links comes from the website that ranks in the top 3 for almost every single key phrase ever imagined…Wikipedia.

For example, if you go to the page about SEO on Wikipedia, you will see link after link pointing to other related pages in wikipedia’s website.


Google loves internal linking. Google expects to see internal linking. If you are running a blog, anytime you post any blog post be sure to include internal links.

When you are submitting a guest post, one of the reasons you want to know which blog you are submitting to before hand is so you can include a couple of internal links in the guest post.

2. Include Authority Links

Google hates link hogs. They don’t like to see websites that have plenty of external links pointing to it but almost none going out to other sites.

In other words, they want to see you share the love. It helps Google to be able to index the internet better when people freely link to other relevant sources when they blog about a certain topic.

So when you write a guest post include links (citations) to other relevant blogs that are related to the topic your blogging about (see external links in this post).

3. Optimize Your Link

Ok I know this seems really obvious but I have to put it in here because obviously this is the most important.

If you’re trying to learn how to do guest posting for SEO, you need to remember to include a link back to your (or a clients) website.

This is another reason you want to include authority links in the guest post, you want your link to be among the other authority links.

It makes you look like an authority site as well.

You will have more SEO success if you link to a deep page of your website (not your home page).

I don’t want to spend much time talking about what the anchor text of the link should be. There are many differing opinions and many strategies on which anchor to use when you build links.

I will just leave you with one of the most important blogger outreach tips: If you are doing many guest posts it is in your best interest to get a mix of anchor text and many if not most of those should be phrases people would not normally search in Google.

In other words, don’t just get anchor text that is your main key phrase. Do variations, do your website name, sometime even just do your URL only.

Google expects to see a mix so mix it up. That will appear more natural and give you better results.

4. Readable Content

I recently started reading a blog post that literally said the following:

bad english

One of the easiest signals to Google or any search engine that a blog isn’t legitimate is blog posts with terrible english.

There is an obvious temptation to hire a content writing service for $3 an article to pump out 20 articles that you can turn into guest posts.

The problem with these types of articles is often times they are spun content (which is a big no no) or they are written by someone who barely speaks english.

As we will discuss in a minute one of the key factors of a good guest post is social signals. You’re just going to have so much more success with content that is well thought out and well written.

Apart from that, if you aren’t providing real value to another bloggers website why would you be guest posting in the first place. It should be a win-win-win situation between you, the blog owner and their readers.

If you don’t want to write the guest post yourself, hire a qualified writer who can give you great content.

5. Provide Great Content That Paints You As An Expert

Too many times I have seen “guest posts” that are less than 300 words. They say nothing and unfortunately wave a red flag that the only purpose was a link.

It’s extremely hard to provide content that has a lot of meat to it or real substance in less than 500 words. Many would argue that a truly good blog post should be above 2000 words.

The more engaging and useful content you can provide the more sharable your post will be, the more people will comment and the more you will look like an expert in your field.

When you can establish yourself as an expert in any field others will trust you more and be more willing to pay for products or services that you offer. If nothing else they will be more willing to link to other content that you have created.

Again, if you feel like you can’t write like an expert, then hire an expert to write like one for you.

6. Post On Blogs With Good Social Signals

The new page rank is social signals. If a blog has tons of Facebook likes and Twitter followers and users comment like crazy, you better believe the blog posts are going to rank high in the search engines.

One of the things you should highly consider when finding a blog to guest post on is the social signals the blog has already. There are a couple of tools out there that I already use to check social signals of any blog.

1. SEO Chat Social Signals Checker


This tool will quickly check many blogs at one time looking at things like Facebook likes, shares and comments, Tweets, and Google +1s.

It can give you a quick gauge of how social a blog is.

2. Button Space Social Signals Checker


This tool is similar to #1 except it also shows LinkedIn and Stumble Upon results as well. It also differs in that it acts almost like a toolbar to a page. Because of this you can only search one blog at a time.

7. Guest Post On Relevant Blogs

The folks at Google have said time and time again over the years that relevance is a major factor in link building.

And links from relevant websites have shown that they do hold a lot of weight.

Since you are in control of which blogs you post on, instead of trying the blanket approach where you do as many as possible regardless of relevance, try to pick 5-10 blogs that are totally relevant to your site.

If a few relevant links truly are more powerful than 1000 spammy blog links then it is a much better use of your time and energy to convince a few relevant authority blogs to allow you to guest post.

8. The Pitch

If you can’t get past the gatekeeper of a blog, or convince the blog owner to let you write for them then none of the previous 7 steps will do you any good.

There are right and wrong ways to pitch an authority blog your guest blogging services and making a couple of key mistakes in the beginning can kill your chances.

Here is a great example of how NOT to pitch someone. (This is a guest post pitch I got recently)

bad guest post pitch

Spend your time trying to build a relationship with a blog owner before you ever pitch them. Ask them a question, tell them something about their blog that really helped you. Then after they respond ask them about a guest post.

Where To Go To Find Good Blogs To Submit To

One of the most time consuming and difficult parts of guest posting (apart from writing amazing articles) is finding the right blogs to guest post on, and then having them agree to post your article.

Because I do SEO for clients every single day I needed a good list that I could work from. I spent many many hours putting together an extensive list of blogs that accept guest posts in pretty much every category.

I had friends in the SEO industry beg to share the list with them which I finally did.

I decided to make the list available to anyone who is serious about building their brand through guest posting.

So I created Guest Post Tracker.

It is my (always updated) giant list of blogs that will accept your guest posts which you can search by category.

It also keeps track of all your submissions so you know exactly which blogs you have submitted to.


I do charge a very small fee to access the list. This is to keep the blog owners from being slammed with thousands of requests, and so I can afford to keep the list awesome and updated.

I also have built some awesome software to not only track submissions, but also to help you use guest posts to optimize your site for any key phrase.

Once you join, I also have video tutorials that teach you how to use blogger outreach to dominate the search results. I show you some pretty sneaky tactics that force other blogs to pass maximum link juice to your site.

Give it a try.

Start using Guest Post Tracker


See which blogs accept guest posts in your category:


So there you have it, the 8 keys to SEO charged guest posts and where to go to post them.

Do you have another important key for guest blogging best practices? Post it in the comments below.

About The Author

adam white
Adam White is the founder of Guest Post Tracker, a web based software that helps website owners build their brand and SEO through guest blogging. He has been doing SEO since 2002 and has also written and directed a feature film. He lives in Arizona with his wife and 6 children.


  1. Fantastic article. Probably the most detailed one I’ve read on the subject of guest posting. My take away? Be safe, if you’re going to do guest posts it’s smart to make it look and feel as organic as possible.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Thanks Jeff. You’re right, there are so many guest posts out there that have nothing but one link to a random site. People don’t realize this is so easy for the search engines to spot and realize it is only for link building purposes.

  2. Great post Adam. Pretty straight forward and realistic. One question that I’ve asked a few other SEO best practices people is; when linking to another site, should the link be a _self or _blank type link? Or does it even matter?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Steven, I don’t think that it makes any difference but I’ve never used the _self tag before. I’ve had lots of success without it.

  3. Jon Reply

    That’s a lot of great information. I’d like to some guest blogging for our industry but have had a hard time generating a good list to work with. In your point #2, should those be “do follow” links or a mixture? Thanks!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Jon, typically I will make the authority links dofollow because my link is a dofollow and I want them to match.

  4. Lynn Reply

    Wow! I had no idea how many links you were suppose to put into a post. I always thought that was bad. I learned so much just from this one post!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Lynn, yeah thats what so many people think. What they dont realize is that if there is a guest post with only one link in it, it almost screams out to Google that the sole purpose of the post was for link building. If you are truly citing references in an article there would surely be more than one.

  5. Andrea Robinson Reply

    Reading this post gives me a big sigh of relief, because it confirms so many things that instinct has been telling me, but that people have tried to steer me away from.

    The biggest of these is that the content has to have value. It has to be real. I’ve listened to lots of people advise me to use an article builder, hire someone from another country, etc., so I can pump out content like crazy.

    Unfortunately, all I can see coming out of that is crazy content!

    While apparently some people can’t see the difference, I can.

    The other instinct I have is that Google doesn’t want to put junk in the top rank. So it seems doubly crazy to be unconcerned about quality, both in content and in the details of punctuation, grammar, etc.

    I love the fact that you’ve got a straightforward checklist of when, why, and how to use all 7 of the elements. And, by the way, I’ve checked out Guest Post Tracker and it’s awesome.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Andrea, you are totally right. So many people try to take the easy path and use software to spin articles and submit them but if you just take the time to provide real value, your guest posts will go a long way.

      Glad you like Guest Post Tracker.

  6. Peace Lampa Reply

    This is a very informative article, but I am bit confuse with regards to where to start from. Right know I am believing that for guest blogging I should have a blogger friends who writes on my topics i.e. on homeopathy and then I should ask him/her for guest blogging. Please help me

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Peace Lampa, what you need to do to get started is find a blog that accepts guest posts that is a good match for your topic. Read the blog to find out the kind of posts they like and then write an awesome blog post for them. Then use this article to guide you on how to get approved.

  7. Librarylady Reply

    Interesting article. I’m with Lynn, I actually thought it was a bad thing to have so many links in an article. While I won’t go so far as Wikipedia, I will definitely work on including some authoritive connections in the future. I’m glad you mentioned the “spun” articles, I’ve often wondered about those. I once had someone enthusiastically explain how stuff like this would help my blog traffic, and I didn’t agree. If a post sounds like a five-year-old wrote it, how does that help your image? Anyway thanks for all the great tips. I’m still digesting it all.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Librarylady, glad you liked it. Yeah believe it or not having external links inside of content has actually been proven to increase rankings.

  8. Great article – what I struggle with is easily and quickly coming up with topic ideas. What suggestions have you got for this?

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      William, there are some really extensive lists out there for blog post ideas. Just do a Google search for “blog post ideas”. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Karna Reply

    I absolutely love your blog. can you offer guest writers to write content for you personally?
    I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write about here.
    Again, awesome blog!

  10. R.B. Reply

    This article has taught me a lot, thank you for sharing!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      R.B. I’m glad you learned some things. Good luck with your guest posting.

  11. Great tips Adam. This is a guest post success blueprint. I learned some things I can do to improve my guest posting!! Just signed up for your service, so I’ll be putting these to good use! Thank you. Jane

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Jane, thanks for commenting. It looks like you have a pretty good handle on promotion through blogger outreach. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  12. Jack Ramon Reply

    Very Information and Interesting. Bookmarked this blog

  13. Entrepreneurshiply Reply

    Great tips Adam. Thanks for sharing these tip. We’ve bookmarked this article as it will be very useful for us soon. Thanks for the great tips

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      You’re welcome, Entrepreneurshiply.

  14. Raihan Reply

    Hey, this is a guest post success blueprint. I had no idea how many links you were suppose to put into a post. I always thought that was bad. I learned so much just from this one post!!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Raihan, yeah I guess it is a blueprint. Maybe I should package it up and sell it. 🙂

  15. Really nice article Adam! Unfortunately, most of the blogs do not allow that many links 🙁 Even if you write naturally, editors will remove most of the high authority links anyway.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Nikolay, thanks for the feedback. I guess my experience has been different than yours. Everyone I submit to leaves the links in the article.

  16. Great read! I just read your bio tho, I didn’t know you live in Arizona. So do I. Where are you located? Myself I am in Lake Havasu.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Thanks Tyler. I’m up in the mountains near Show Low.

  17. Auki Reply

    Nice article! I was not aware that including authority links out to other sites was so important. I understand from your comments that these links can be dofollow links which I always thought would lose me too much link ‘juice’ If I was trying to attract guest bloggers to my own site. Is there a danger of losing too much ‘juice’ with links like this?

    Also glad to find out that spun content is not viewed kindly by Google. I have never spun content myself but have always had a nagging feeling that competing sites for some of my niches had an unfair advantage with their volumes of spun articles, now I feel a little better knowing that I’ve been doing the right thing (albeit slightly slowly).

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Auki, its actually the opposite. When you link out to authority sites it seems to have a positive impact on rankings. Thanks for the comment.

  18. Ok, this might be a stupid question, but you mentioned, “If a blog has tons of Facebook likes and Twitter followers and users comment like crazy.” I didn’t think commenting on other blog posts with a link to your site really helped your SEO, because they are no follow links. I understand that it can create a small amount of traffic from other readers, but other than that, I didn’t think it was a big deal. If anything I thought it would look a bit spammy.

    Also, regarding pitching. I often have people write to me about guest posting, and I find most of them use the EXACT same template, only changing the website and pitch ideas. I don’t know where this template comes from, but it must be out there somewhere. I tend to ignore these requests and just pick the ones that show some individualism. Just a tip to others – don’t use templates word for word. Using them as a guide is fine, but you’re not going to stand out if you use the same text as everyone else and it makes you look lazy.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Kelly, thanks for commenting. When I say blog comments what I mean is Google will look at a blog post that has a ton of comments or social shares and give the post more weight in the search results because there is so much user interaction. I wasn’t referring to links. I dont really ever do any comment linking.

      Also thanks for the great pitching tip. I’m with you, if its not personalized I immediately delete it.

  19. musfiq Reply

    i think it’s helpful for me

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Thats great to hear. Good luck with your guest blogging.

  20. Thanks for this awesome article Adam! Adding that personal touch to the pitch makes the approach really much more effective. On the other hand, don’t you think bloggers will most likely to remove the links from the guest post? and in most cases, they ask for payment too.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Emmerey Rose, no most blogs are OK with links in the guest post as long as they link out to relevant pages with good content on them.

      1. That sounds great. I hope most bloggers are that friendly though. But Thanks Adam for your feedback!

  21. پرورش قارچ Reply

    thank you.
    very nice.

  22. HI

    Thank’s for all the point’s.

    Only one point where i stuck.

    Convince Guest post owner to give us follow link.

    Ahead in all point i got success.



    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Tarun, it doesnt have to be dofollow. A nofollow link has a ton of value as well. Thanks for the question.

      1. tarun Reply

        Thank’s Adam

  23. Rosewood Reply

    superbly expressed about How To Write A Guest Blog Post For SEO

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Rosewood, thanks for the kind words. Best of luck on your guest posting.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Brad, let me know what you think.

  24. A great amount of information, awesome tips on guest posting for SEO.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Isabel, Im glad it was useful to you. Good luck as you guest blog.

  25. Hey, Great work Adam this post had cleared all my doughs related to Guest posting. Thanks !!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Suresh, I’m glad you liked it.

  26. vicky Reply

    I am wondering about how to vet a blog to see if it’s safe or not. I see some sites that seem to link to just about any kind of business. What if the site is niche relevant with decent DA and content, with no findable links to casino/adult/whatever vice, but has a lot of guest posts that link to different businesses, is that potentially harmful to get a link from? Some say that Google frowns on those because they are too guest-post heavy. But if the content is decent then why should it matter.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Vicky, I wouldnt be worried about it if they link out to all types of businesses. That is a common thing for a blog that covers a topic or niche thoroughly. All of the blogs on our list are vetted and in good graces with Google.

  27. Lancelam Reply

    Hi there,
    I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
    Thanks a lot, buddy.
    Keep posting good stuff. Cheers.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Lancelam, Im glad these outreach tips were helpful to you.

  28. jessica Reply

    Excellent post. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Jessica, Im glad it was helpful. Best of luck with your blogger outreach!

  29. Really a helpful guide, Specially interlinking the content of the same website where you are going to publish your article is awesome technique. Thanks Adam for the superb blog

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Zain, I’m glad you liked the article.

  30. Hi, Adam. I did join your software. I am a young SEO agency in Quebec, Canada. It is French. Never did a guest post yet.
    1. Does posting an English article on english blogs pointing to a French Site is relevant for Google? Let’s say that I wrap french anchor phrases in my text.
    2. Is there French Authority Blogs on many niches? How to find them?
    3. When I post articles on blogs for different clients of different niches; when I am registering to these blogs, do I register under the name of the company ( my client ) or do I register under my company name (cellulaire marketing ) or do I register under my own name ( Michel Gagnon)?
    These questions may seem simplists, I am sorry for that, so thank you.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Michel, the majority of our sites are in English and when you submit to them I would use the English version of the anchor text. We don’t have many French blogs on our list. When you register on these blogs to be a writer for them I wouldn’t do it under your company name when you are writing for clients, I would just do it under your own name.

  31. Hello, Adam
    This is a great article; an eye-opener for me!
    keep doing the good work

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Kang’ara, Im glad you liked it.

  32. Hi Adam,

    You are just full of great ideas. I started using SEOJet for to help with back-linking, let’s see how it goes. I’m also going to check out the options on this site to write a guest post. Fingers crossed!


    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Hazim, let me know how it goes for you. If you follow the link maps on SEOJet you should see a lot of success.

  33. Nancy Lin Reply

    Thanks for sharing this great information with us, loving reading your posts so much! From a person who is on the other side and accepts guest posts, I want to say that guest blogging is a really very powerful thing and can greatly help you to develop and improve your blog. But there is a negative aspect of being hosting guest bloggers – I got lots of irrelevant proposals to my email. Another big problem – not original articles from other resources or articles in which there is a lot of plagiarism. Therefore, I want to warn some people like me that you should never forget to check the articles of your guest authors for plagiarism in plagiarism checker. And if you come through all the negative aspects of guest blogging, it will be a really awesome source of new and interesting content for your blog.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Nancy, thanks for sharing your perspective of someone who accepts guest posts.

  34. Chandni Pandey Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. It’s very useful for us. and its really help me to write the best guest post.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Chandni, glad it was helpful for you.

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