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How To Get 50k Visitors From A Single Guest Post

One of the most effective ways to get free traffic and sales is through guest blogging (also known as guest posts or blogger outreach).

If done right, Guest posting works really well to promote your business and website for 2 reasons:

1. (Primary reason) It can drive really targeted traffic that is ready to buy from you.

2. (Secondary reason) It can give you a boost in the search rankings.

The big caveat here is you have to know how to do guest blogging in the right way.

In a minute I will show you how I posted one guest post and got 50k visitors in just 3 days, using the strategies I am going to show you.

Let’s take a look at how to accomplish this.

Do Your Research

One of the most common mistakes people make is when they submit a guest post, they don’t do their research first.

You need to spend time on several blogs reading articles, reading comments and seeing which posts are getting shared the most.

Find out who the audience is of each site, what they respond to and then come up with an article idea that matches.

It is critical that you guest post on blogs that match the audience you want to reach. Creating good engaging content is hard enough, you don’t want to waste it on a blog where the readers won’t care.

We Drink Our Own Koolaid

I recently posted a guest post on the blog business2community.com. I had done my research and knew that blog had my target audience, was very socially active and had engaged readers.

The guest post talked about 3 SEO tools and Guest Post Tracker was one of the tools.

As soon as that guest post went live, traffic and signups started coming in.

Here is a look at a snap shot of the analytics a week after the guest post went live:


As you can see we got over 300 targeted visitors and at least 9 new subscribers from this one guest blog post.

This was all free traffic and sign ups from one article.

Do you see how awesome guest blogging can be to promote your business?

Become A Contributor

So you have done your research, found the perfect blog and have written the masterpiece that is sure to go viral and break the internet.

Depending on which blog you are trying to submit to, you will either be able to just submit an article as a guest post or they will want you to sign up as a contributor.

If they want you as a contributor, don’t be scared off by this. Consider it an investment in your business. Most of these blogs don’t have a minimum requirement, they just know that if they make you sign up as a contributor it will most likely weed out all of the people just trying to get a quick link.

Once you are approved as a contributor you can take the masterpiece guest post you wrote and submit it.

Include Images In The Post

One thing you will want to do is include some good images in the post. Not only will people respond better to your article, but Google will like it more as well because it will increase readership.

The main image at the top of the post should be of an actual person doing something related to the theme of the guest post.

Again, all of this will increase readability.

Promote The Post On Facebook

As soon as your guest post goes live, you want to immediately promote it on your Facebook business page. If you don’t have a business page you need to set one up.

I don’t just mean post the link to the guest post on your FB business page, I mean you need to then boost the post.


What is great about boosting the Facebook post is that you can choose the audience to promote the post to. For example, if I were posting the link to a guest post I did for my own blog here is how I would set up a custom audience:


So let’s say you have written a guest post about how to survive in the wilderness for a week with no food. You would then post the article on your Facebook page and promote that post to people interested in survival, or prepping etc.

It goes to people who would actually be interested in your topic.

This gets them no only reading your work but interacting with your Facebook page and getting to know you as an expert.

You can spend as much or as little as you want when you promote your post, this just guarantees that it will get in front of eyeballs that might care.

Drinking The Koolaid Again

I recently wrote a guest post about a high profile business figure. The headline was controversial in nature even though the post was postive. As soon as it was live I promoted it on Facebook to fans of this public figure. Well it just so happened that this person saw the guest post and shared it on his Facebook page.

I ended up getting 50,000 visitors to that page in a 3 day span not to mention hundreds of shares and comments and as a result of the links in the guest post got many new customers.

Be Available To Comment

This brings me to the next point. Once your guest post goes live, if you’ve done the proper research and found a blog with active readers who like to leave comments, you need to make yourself available to reply to comments on the blog post.

This will not only show that you are available to your potential customers to answer questions but will also continue to build your name brand and paint you as an expert.

Use The Guest Post for SEO

I am going to keep this section short on purpose because doing guest posting does have an impact on SEO but sometimes that impact can be negative if you try to abuse it so my official recommendation is, do guest blogging for brand building first and SEO second.

There are essentially 2 ways you can use a guest post for SEO. Most blogs will allow you to place links right into the content of your guest post.

The other option is you will get a link to your website or business in the author bio.

If you can get a link in the content of the blog, then you should include a key phrase you might want to rank for, or at least a variation that contains a phrase you are targeting.

If the link is in the author bio, I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to SEO the link, just make sure you link to your site and make yourself sound awesome so people will click after reading the article.


Just to reiterate, guest blogging is an awesome way to drive traffic and sales to your site because you get amazing targeted traffic that is often qualified and ready to buy. It can also give you an SEO boost.

Either way, the return you get from a simple investment in time to write a guest post is amazing and worth every second it takes. So get out there and start guest posting.

Where To Go To Find Guest Posting Blogs

One of the hardest parts of guest blogging (besides writing amazing articles) is finding the right blogs to guest post on.

Because I actually do SEO not just for this site but for others I needed a list of blogs to work from. I spent hundreds of hours creating the most complete list of blogs that accept guest posts on the internet.

I built Guest Post Tracker to make the list available to anyone looking to promote their business through guest posts.

It is my (always updated) huge list of over 1000 blogs that will accept your guest posts which you can search by category.

It also keeps track of all your submissions so you know exactly which blogs you have submitted to.


I do charge a small one time fee to access the list. This is to keep the blog owners from being slammed with thousands of requests, and so I can afford to keep the list awesome and updated.

So go ahead and give it a try.

Start using Guest Post Tracker


See which blogs accept guest posts in your category:



  1. Charles Reply

    What is the best way to identify blogs to approach for guest blogging opportunities. I think it would be great for my business.

    Totally agree with you on posting your posts on FB. It’s relatively cheap and highly effective plus targeted!

  2. Jesse Yusufu Reply

    Hello, I have built my blog about 2 weeks ago, I am new there,and i got about 100 views a day and about 23 visitors,
    is that good or not??!! Please visit my blog and give me your feedback appropriately. Thanks

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Jesse, I guess it depends on who your target audience is. If you already get traffic after only 2 weeks that is great. But you will definitely want to shoot for more than 100 views per day.

  3. LibraryLady Reply

    I thought it was interesting that you said “be available to comment after you’ve submitted a guest post.” That’s good advice. I often leave comments on people’s blogs. When someone takes the time to acknowledge my interest I really appreciate that and may decide to follow them, or make another comment. Little things like that add up when you host a blog and are trying to increase your traffic. The more personal you can make it, the more people will engage. I’ve learned a lot so far – I’ll keep reading.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Yeah the other added benefit of replying to commenting is that your also adding more and more unique content so it is an SEO perpetuating machine.

  4. Hey, Adam!

    If someone wants to make sure they get valuable visitors checking their website, they have to be able to understand the targeting and where to find the perfect users for their specific content.

    It’s not easy. Even so – with time and experience – it gets easier. There are a lot of websites out there which not only accept guest posts but also give you the chance of actually contributing, just like on the post I referred to.

    In fact, the guest post tracker is a great aid for those who’re starting to take the first steps in this universe. I’m sure that every user who effectively follows your tips – and starts producing high-quality content – will have positive results!

    The actionable guide you’re currently sharing is simply awesome, as always.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      João, thanks for the comment. You are right the more experience you get trying to target your perfect audience the better you will get at it.

  5. Hi Adam, you wrote, “I recently wrote a guest post about a high profile business figure.”
    What’s the link to this post – so that we can use it as a more concrete example?

  6. I am running a blog from more than 1 month and got 150 views first month which is really bad. So I tried to write guest post on other blogs and submitted application to three blogs of my niche but I was enable to get selected. Are there any tips you will like to give me for writing a good application to get hired for guest post. Thanks

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Awais, if you are writing for blogs written in English, you need to make sure that whoever is pitching these blogs and writing for them is a native English speaker. Then I would approach them and ask them which topics they would like writers to cover.

  7. I am running a blog but there is no traffic on my blog. Help me and tell me how to promote my blog

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Ikstore, if you want your blog to drive traffic you need to create content that differentiates you from your competitors. If you simply do what your competitors are doing with your content marketing then you will be just another blog in your niche. Figure out what kind of content your audience wants and give it to them in the best way possible.

  8. Excellent Guest Posting information. Doing your research ahead of time is crucial to getting targeted traffic like you say, and boosting your posts on Facebook is a great idea. Thanks Adam!

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Tecsolo, Im glad you liked the post.

  9. Hello there, I am a newbiew and I just login guesposttrack on yesterday .And I don’t understand how to use it. I see 4 categories : intinal contract, writing article, submitted article, published article, rejected . How to use them ? Pls help me

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      Bui, these are statuses you choose for each step in the guest post submission process. It helps you keep track of where you are for each guest post you are submitting.

  10. Adam what is the job with option to add blogs also in the guest blog post tracker. How we can have benefits.Can you explain more a bit of this.

    1. Adam White Post author Reply

      As of right now you cant add your own blogs that only you can see. It is a feature we are working on. If you want a blog added to our list you can submit it to us.

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