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Traffic for Cheap: Here Are 5 Incredible Low-Cost and Free Advertising Ideas for Your Website!

You know your business needs more customers, which means you need to develop an advertising campaign. But here’s the issue: you don’t have a big budget

Fortunately, you don’t even need a marketing budget these days. You don’t have to invest in a fancy commercial or a digital marketing pro. There are plenty of cheap ways to promote your business and some are even free.

Here are 5 cheap and free advertising ideas. If your business has a couple of spare bucks, you can easily increase your brand recognition.

1. Publish Great Content

SEO doesn’t require expensive technology or a fancy service. All you need is a great writer. Can you take out some money to hire a freelance writer? Or you may even be a great writer!

While SEO knowledge helps, Google just looks for content. As long as you write great content, industry relevant and do bare minimum (i.e. free) keyword research, you’ll still rank in Google.

2. Create Instructional Videos

Have you seen all of those video bloggers on YouTube? Did you realize their fun and engaging personality took away from the fact that they don’t use any professional equipment? Some even use their phones to record.

You should always use professional gear with a commercial, but you can get away with some instructional videos at first. Worst come to worst, find an entry-level video professional or an intern.

3. Find Ad Discounts

Ideally, you’ll have enough money to afford one of Google’s high-ranking ad platforms. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have that kind of cash. But you can find discounts and coupons.

You can usually find these discounts through your web host and you can even find paid Google and Facebook ad coupons online.

4. Reddit

Reddit is the perfect free advertising platform. Especially if you tend to troll those boards anyway. Pay close attention to your industry subreddits. If someone asks a question, respond with, “Hey I own [company] and I can help.”

You’re not only promoting your company but are also establishing yourself as an industry authority.

5. Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t take expensive ads to excel on social media. Simply put, tell your current customers to engage on your social media channels and engage with new or prospective customers on social media.

If you like these people enough, add them on your personal page and create a personal connection. You can even get their phone numbers and send them ads using Mobivate text marketing.

Will You Use These Cheap and Free Advertising Ideas?

One day, you’ll be able to afford an immense advertising and marketing campaign. But for now, you’ll have to scratch the advertising surface. Fortunately, there are cheap and free ways to get your name out there.

Use these cheap and free advertising ideas to start. Social media, Reddit, and your blog are great places to start.

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